The Magisterial AnnexEdit

The Ordering of Azeroth. The Well of Eternity. The Sundering. Arcane magic is a powerful gift, given to the world by the Titans. Governed correctly, the mistakes of the past can be avoided and the preservation of knowledge and power can be championed. 

The first counsilor, known as Strifium Flamefeather, was a Quel'dorei archmage. He joined and helped to found The Traveler's Society as it is seen today. He created the ranks, the rules and even offered his own tower as a store of knowledge and a place of quiet to practice for the Annex. He began to advocate his new Annex and brought in a fair amount of pupils, including one Haytham Silvercross, who went on to lead the Magisterial Annex, despite being locked behind the wall of the Kingdom of Gilneas . Although Haytham took much of his old master's advice, he did amend many of the rules, including the restrictions placed on the darker sort of magic. While he did not support the practice of shadow magics, he did not condemn it either, believing all magic to be equal in its own right. He did, however, draw a line when it came to human experimentation. 

As it came to be, Erinard Blacklore , the student of Haytham, was introduced to The Traveler's Society not long after. Joining the Magisterial Annex, Erinard provided his unique knowledge of shadow and flame, as well as countless years of research material on fel magics. Once Haytham passed from the world of the living, Erinard took up the mantle of Patrician of the Magisterial Annex due to his various academic contributions and dedication to rooting out and destroying evil, as well as collecting valuable sources of knowledge and power. He now leads the Annex with the same gusto as his masters before him.

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