A basic image to capture her.

Date of Birth:

Many years before today.

Place of Birth:

Arathi Highlands






Fortune teller, Spiritual guide, Teacher in Old Ways, Bard






Brynn (Deceased)
Nicholas (Deceased)
Aliyn (Unknown)
Iain (Unknown)

A faint chiming of jingling charms and bells is your first indication that she is near you.

Madame ViviciliaEdit

Madame is a travelling bard, fortune teller, and spiritual guide. Wandering as all nomads do, Madame Vivicilia makes her way through the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor to guide those she comes across in whatever way she can. She performs the divination acts of reading palms, tea leafs, cards, and the bones of a crow, free of charge, in an attempt to keep the balance that is sacred to life's existence. Her stories are, as she says, the tales of old that were told for both moral lessons and entertainment.


Madame's hair falls half way down her back and is loosely tied back by a strip of beige leather. Her face has the tightness of youth though she clearly is no adolescent and if someone were to guess her age it would be early to mid thirties.

In her right ear dangles a charm the shape of the Sun and her left holds its opposite, a crescent moon, with each being about 3/4 of an inch long. A silver chain hangs around her neck and it holds a small bone carving of a hand, the fingers wrapped around a large ivory colored pearl. Her left wrist has four bangles on it and her right bicep plays home to the silver form of a snake that curls itself once under it.

Around her waist is a braided cord of thin rope and it holds three pouches; one large, one medium, one small. In addition to the pouches, the cord holds many various silver charms that alternate between symbols of the four seasons. A flower in bloom, a bell, a sun, a bell, a leaf, a bell, and a snow flake, also followed by a bell, is the beginning of a pattern that continues three times around her waist.

The last piece of jewelry she has is an  anklet above her right foot with alternating seashells and bells.