The camp after its abandonment but before its deconstruction during the Cataclysm.

The Lordamere Internment Camp was the smallest of the three primary internment camps established by the Alliance of Lordaeron in the aftermath of the Second War. Although the camp was orignally meant to rival the size of the far larger and more secure camps of Durnholde Keep and Hammerfall, a lack of funds due to the quick withdrawel of Gilneas from the Alliance forced the builders of the camp to settle on a far smaller and more modest design.The first and only Commandant of the camp was a paladin of the Silver Hand and veteran of the Second War, Erich Gottfried Manstein.

When Thrall, the future Warchief of the Horde, released the orcs from their internment camps, news was quick to spread of the incident to the commandant's office. Knowing that a full scale uprising was being contrived, Commandant Manstein feared the worst and acted upon a secret order issued many years before by Aedelas Blackmoore; Operation Frostfall. Frostfall was an emergency order drafted by Blackmoore and secretly given to the wardens of the prison camps. The orders detailed how the commanders were to, in case of a general uprising, do everything within their power to contain the possibility of the prisoners once more becoming an armed threat. Subsequently, Manstein ordered the wholesale execution of the entire orcish population of the camp as per the orders details in Blackmoore's instructions. Some of the orcs, however, did manage to escape the slaughter when a fire caught hold of the primary barracks building.

With the death of most of the prisoners and escape of the rest orcs from the camps under Thrall, the camp was mostly left to ruin. For some time the magi of Dalaran were known to have occupied the direlect facility, using it to house Forsaken prisoners in the years before the Cataclysm. It is speculated that the Magi of Dalaran eventually sold the parcel of land to a goblin, Brazi the Botanist, who deconstructed the old prison and erected a farm upon the land.

Today there remains no trace of the old camp, only the lush farm fields of the Brazi Homestead.

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