Earl of Asfhort
 (Most commonly referred to as "Lord Ashfort") is a hereditary title in the Lordaeron Peerage, created in the year 400 K.C. for Sir Damon Ashvale when he was ennobled for more than forty years of service to the Crown and to Lordaeron's Army. By law, the title descended to heirs male, and could not pass to heirs female until the year 622 K.C. when the last will and testament of James Ethan Ashvale stipulated otherwise.

Its territorial designation refers to both Ashfort City in Northern Tirisfal, and the great stronghold of the province built by Damon's ancestors, known as The Ashfort. Since the title's creation, there have been eight lawfully recognized Earls of Ashfort and numerous claimants since the fall of Lordaeron.

Countess of AshfortEdit

Styled "Lady Ashfort" this refers to the wife of the present Earl of Ashfort.

Dowager Countess of AshfortEdit

Also styled "Lady Ashfort" the Dowager Countess of Ashfort is a courtesy title, reserved for widows of the lords Ashfort. As the widow of the 6th Earl of Ashfort, Melysa Marwyn-Ashvale uses this title by custom.

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