Lieutenant Commander

Loghan O'Daniel

(Physician's Medal)
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Lieutenant Commander O'Daniel


IconSmall Human Female Human
Kul Kul Tiran


April 29th, 12 L.C. (26)
Freehold, Kul Tiras


Kingdom of Stormwind

  • Lieutenant Commander in the Grand Alliance Navy (retired)

Battleborne Security

  • Admiral of the Naval Branch


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O'Daniel Family



Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance


Stormwind Blue Ensign Grand Alliance Navy

Years of Service

28 L.C. - Present (Grand Alliance Navy)


GAN Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander


The Seventh Legion

Commands Held




Awards and Decorations

Lieutenant Commander Loghan O'Daniel (PM) is a retired Grand Alliance Navy senior officer and a recipient of the Physician's Medal.

Description Edit

Loghan has a very delicate, feminine appearance in the face other than his missing eye, which he covers with an eyepatch, matching his Stormwind Naval Uniform. His uniform consists of a Stormwind Tabard, his blue and golden matching set as described in his most current photo.

History Edit

Early history Edit

Loghan was born in Freehold, Kul Tiras to Meredith and Erik O'Daniel, Erik a naval officer in Kul Tiras and Meredith a medic. His parents died young, and, being born in the pirate capital, he ended up being raised by pirates. Though not carrying with him the pirate devil-may-care attitude, he did carry with him an altruistic attitude along with a small bit of a bon-vivant lifestyle. He didn't set off of Kul Tiras until he was 16, sailing around and eventually landing in Stormwind, quickly entering into the Navy.

Commission into the Navy and Naval Career Edit

Being born into a naval family in Kul Tiras helped Loghan. Being taught at a young age how to tie knots for sails and how to sail in general helped Loghan be the top of his class during training. Of course, this earned teasing from his pupils, of which he overcame and graduated top of his class in the Naval Academy. He rose through the ranks at a somewhat fast pace, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander at the age of 26. Since then, he has been awarded 10 medals and awards for his service.

Military Service and Awards Edit

Lieutenant Commander O'Daniel has had a conspicuous service history to the Alliance, having served in a number of operational combat and medical deployments and postings over his ten years of service. He is a recipient of the Physician's Medal.

KGCRibbon Physician's Medal Ribbon AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon
Varian Reign Ribbon ArgusCampaignMedalRibbon BrokenIslesRibbon
DraenorCampaignRibbon Alliance-HordeRibbon NorthrendCampaignRibbon
1st Row Stormwind Long Service Medal
2nd Row King's Cross Physician's Medal King Anduin Coronation Medal
3rd Row King Varian Reign Medal Argus Campaign Medal w/ one battle bar Broken Isles Campaign Medal w/ three battle bars
4th Row Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars Fourth War Campaign Medal w/ one battle bar War against the Lich King Campaign Medal w/ two battle bars

Medal Citations Edit

Ribbon Name Date Description
SLSM 10 Stormwind Long Service Medal 617 - 627 K.C. Awarded for completed military service of 10 years.
KGCRibbon King's Cross 622 K.C. For injuries sustained in the line of duty.
Physician's Medal Ribbon Physician's Medal 619 K.C. For commendable medical service while under great stress.
AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon King Anduin Coronation Medal 627 K.C. Awarded to all Stormwind Military personnel in 627 K.C.
Varian Reign Ribbon King Varian Reign Medal 626 K.C. Awarded to all Stormwind Military personnel in 626 K.C.
ArgusCampaignMedalRibbon Argus Campaign Medal 627 K.C. Issued for military service on Argus in 627 K.C.
BrokenIslesRibbon Broken Isles Campaign Medal 626 K.C. Issued for military service during the Third Legion Invasion of Azeroth between 626 - 627 K.C.
DraenorCampaignRibbon Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal 624 K.C. Issued for military service on Draenor between 624 - 625 K.C.
Alliance-HordeRibbon Fourth War Campaign Medal 619 K.C. Issued for military service during the Fourth War between 619 - 623 K.C.
NorthrendCampaignRibbon War against the Lich King Campaign Medal 618 K.C. Issued for military service in Northrend between 618 - 619 K.C.

Currently Edit

Loghan is gearing himself and his newfound crew up for future ventures during later wars and also hoping to delve into some artistic ventures.

Relationships Edit

Loghan is currently in an open relationship and swings both ways, concerning sexuality.