Lion's Landing

The Lion's Landing

The Lion's Landing was the spearheaded effort of Operation: Shieldwall that established the Grand Alliance Navy fortress of the same name on the southern coast of Pandaria. King Varian Wrynn himself was part of the effort, landing among the forces of the 7th Legion to clear the land and fight off the forces of the New Horde.

The fortress has served as a bloodily contested staging ground for the Alliance forces in Pandaria since its construction in November of 622 K.C.

Landing and Construction Edit

On November 11, 622 K.C., King Varian sent adventurers and scouts out to the shores of the Karasang Wilds to find a suitable location for a fortified port. After establishing a foothold on a tall cliff on the eastern shore and making the landing himself, King Varian sent up flares calling the Alliance fleet to begin construction on the fortress.

Meet the Scout (Alliance) finale

King Varian's Landing

Despite several attemps by the Horde to push the Alliance forces from the coast, Lion's Landing was swiftly constructed and fortified, allowing supplies to be shipped in from the Eastern Kingdoms.

Journals and Other WorksEdit

Currently Edit

Currently the Lion's Landing establishment fulfills various roles including maritime security and southern Navy command. The fleet base is to be the site of the upcoming Admiralty Meeting of August 634 K.C., where three fleets are to be commissioned into the Grand Alliance Navy.

Lion's Landing also currently serves as the home port for several major naval units including the 226th Naval Infantry.

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