His Grace

Landens V. Medicus

Bishop Emeritus of Stromgarde
Portrait prior to his resignation.

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IconSmall Human Male Human
Stromicflag Stromic
Stormwind Flag Stormwindian


Port Carthan, Kingdom of Stromgarde


Latest-cb=20170118152057 Holy Light



Royal University of Stormwind

  • Kingdom Administration (M.S.)
  • Accounting (B.S.)
  • Finance (B.S.)


HolyChurch Church of the Holy Light

StormwindIcon Kingdom of Stormwind

Coat of Arms:

Wow northern kingdom remnants by katkitkat-d399k1n



Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance


Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance Army

Years of Service

30 L.C. - 36 L.C. (Stormwind Army)



The people of Arathor have suffered long enough. An era of peace and prosperity begins now; a world where our children may grow and live freely, their hearts and minds remaining pure and steadfast in innocence.

–Landens V. Medicus, 37 L.C.

General Introduction Edit

Known for his proud connoisseurship of fine wines and pristinely constructed sandcastles, His Grace Landens Vanthel Medicus was born in Port Carthan of the Arathi Highlands. An ordained and consecrated Priest of the Church of the Holy Light, Landens also maintains a position as a Consular Spiritual and Lord-Foreign to the Stormwind House of Nobles, advising the realm on affairs pertaining to the Holy Faith and its members.

Physical Description Edit

Potentially described as a tree limb swaying in the wind, Landens was a slender man standing a near six foot three. Thick wavy brown hair decorated his head and swayed loosely in any breeze. Wrapping around his chin and over his upper lip, the Bishop's face was accented by a short beard, often untamed except during formal occasions. His gaze was a hue of very light green with a defined and sharp brow resting atop.

Trivia Edit

  • Landens has developed an unquenchable passion for Dwarven history and culture. He fluently reads, writes, and speaks the Dwarven language as well as the the Dark Iron dialect. He is a frequent customer of Shadowforge's infamous tavern the Grim Guzzler.
  • Landens is also the proud second place winner of the Steamwheedle Cartel Gadgetzan's 37th Annual Sandcastle Competition. He wears a small golden wrench medal around his neck that is eagerly displays to all those interested.

Gallery Edit