His Grace
Landens V. Lionblood
The Kingdom of Stromgarde
Landens and his father Brutus.

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IconSmall Human Male Human
Stomgardeicon Arathorian (Stromic)


March 21st, 11 L.C.
Port Carthan, Kingdom of Stromgarde


Church of the Holy Light

Kingdom of Stromgarde

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Alliance-emblem Grand Alliance


RemnantLordaeronSymbol Remnants of Lordaeron

StromgardeIcon Kingdom of Stromgarde

HolyChurch Church of the Holy Light

StormwindIcon Kingdom of Stormwind


Churchoflighticon Holy Light
HolyChurch Church of the Holy Light


House of Lionblood

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Brutus Lionblood (Father) ☩

Marigold Swire (Ex-wife)

Mathrohan Lionblood III (Uncle) ☩

Gaellus Lionblood (Uncle) ☩

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Royal University of Stormwind

Kingdom Administration (M.S.)
Accounting (B.S.)
Finance (B.S.)

Steamwheedle Cartel

Gadgetzan's 2nd Place Winner of the 37th Annual Sandcastle Competition

Grand Alliance Army
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  • 'The Black Sheep'
    Given by Lord Gregory Durwald
  • 'The Wolf of Arathor'
    Given by Sir Thormir the Honourable


The people of Arathor have suffered long enough. An era of peace and prosperity begins now; a world where our children may grow and live freely, their hearts and minds remaining pure and steadfast in innocence.

–Landens Lionblood, Liberation of Whitestone, 627 K.C.

General Edit

Born in the Carthan Duchy of the Arathi Highlands to the prestigious noble family of House Lionblood, Landens Vanthel Lionblood is an ordained Priest of the Church of the Holy Light's Council of Bishops, currently serving as the Bishop of the Diocese of Stromgarde, Auxiliary-Prefect of the Congregation for Holy Crusades, and as a member of the The Holy Order of Lordaeron. Furthermore, Landens is a renowned statesmen and military strategist, currently serving his realm as the Duke of the Duchy of Carthan, Lord of Whitestone City, as well as a decorated Consul of the Stromgarde Army and Knight of House Trollbane. Representing the interests of the Church and Stromgarde alike, Landens also maintains positions as a Consular Spiritual and Lord-Foreign to the Stormwind House of Nobles. He is also internationally recognized as proud connoisseur of fine wines, art, and sandcastles.

The Fortunate Name Edit

Extremely interested in economics after meeting many merchant-mariners and pirates alike on the high seas, Landens left the Carthan Duchy at the age of fourteen to resettle in the capital of the Kingdom of Stormwind with hopes to expand his craving aspirations as a potential merchant and trade baron, drawing large inspirations from the various Goblin cartels. Over the course of the following years he studied vigorously at the Royal University of Stormwind, coming to excel in fields such as accounting, finance, and administration. It was during the Scourge Invasion of Stormwind that the boy's purpose in life had been redefined. Seeking vengeance for the loss of his beloved fiancée, Landens enlisted his services into the Stormwind Army as an infantrymen where he saw the atrocities of the undead first hand upon the battlefields of the frozen wastes of Northrend. After the conclusion of the war Landens returned home with a new perspective on fate, one that would remain his driving force to this day.

Landen's rise to power within Arathor was unique to say the least; unlike the rest of his family who held power through land and peerage, Landens was only blessed with a fortunate family name and nothing else. Returning from the frozen wastelands of the north after the War against the Lich King, the young veteran used his family's name to find work. Finding employment at the Carthan Central Depository under Port Carthan's Lord Mayor Gregory Durwald, Landens quickly progressed throughout the ranks proving to be a talented learner and cunning individual as the newly appointed Master of Coin, a position responsible for the treasury of Arathor.

Content with his position and seeking more responsibility to better service the realm, Landens continued his ambitions into a new scope of practice; politics. While serving as the realm's treasurer, Landens began to study under Durwald as his personal assistant, ensuring diplomatic meetings between foreign dignitaries went smoothly, on schedule, and as seamless as possible. Coming down with a serious ailment, Gregory no longer could fulfill his duties as the Chancellor as he had become bedridden. With such a critical role now missing, Imperator Mathilan came towards Landens, elevating him as the new interim Lord Chancellor until Durwald was fully recovered. Now esteemed with the power of the chancellery, the young man prepared for next chapter.

Known for his ruthless business tactics and aggressive can-do attitude, Landens had begun to formalize trade negotiations with many esteemed business and organizations, as well as underground criminal networks if necessary, to begin the process of resupplying the Stromic military entirely with fresh munitions, weapons, supplies, and other logistical goods for the upcoming campaign to liberate Stromgarde from the Forsaken incursion. Also during his time as acting Chancellor Landens conducted military and civil tribunals against those suspected of treason or espionage within the realm, bringing many officers and politicians to trial for their accused wrongdoings.

Following the death of His Grace Koah Johnson, the Bishop of the Diocese of Stromgarde, the Holy seat for the Highlands lay open for the taking and quickly proved a matter of urgency within the realm as it had become a volatile focusing point between the rebel-duchy of Lion's Reach, Carthan, and numerous other factions in the region. Pleading with Cardinal Niklos Adamant that the diocese should be placed under the care of the young Lionblood in sake of keeping the Holy Light's embrace stable and without bloodshed in the Highlands, the Cardinal disregarded the traditional formalities of appointment and immediately appointed Landens as the new bishop.

With the war against the undead coming to a closing and the need of the chancellery no longer as pertinent as before, Imperator Mathilan had disbanded political office. Renowned for his loyalty and trustworthy behavior, Landens was appointed to the position of Legate under his brother, Duke Telirius Lionblood, serving as his second in command over the Carthan Legion. It was during the Harton rebellion that Landens came upon his new challenge, one unique like anything he ever faced before. With the rebel occupied city of Whitestone captured from the hands of the Rebel-Duke Mathiosus Lionblood, Telirius had appointed Landens as the provincial Lord to oversee the reconstruction and governance of the second most populous city of Carthan's duchy, a mission which was humbly accepted.

After the 7th of April Supersession, Landens was reaffirmed as the right hand of the new Imperator as well as heir presumptive of all House Lionblood claims. For his loyalty Landens was honored with the title of Consul, a title renowned for its military leadership and civil servitude as a symbol of his newly established position. With the dictatorship dissolved and fealty to the Grand Alliance restored, Arathor finally seemed at peace, or so it seemed.

Honoring the restored oath to King Danath and the Alliance, Landens heeded the call of duty come May that year. Departing the Highlands with a force of several hundred Whitestone soldiers under the banner of the Grand Alliance Army, the nobleman landed upon the Broken Shore to partake in the ongoing war against the Burning Legion. After several months of strife and vialiant fighting against the Burning Legion, the Lord returned home early after being critically wounded in late July. Unbeknownst to Landens during the campaign, the events of the April Supersession were overturned in a small and formal coup earlier that month that reinstated Mathilan as the Imperator, leaving the Viceroy in a rather difficult position. With Lord Telirius being disposed from power, Landens now had to solely rely on his own once more leaving the fate of Whitestone and his peerage to question.

However fate took another twisting turn of events. In the August of year 38 L.C., Rebel-Duke Mathiosus, who was largely believed to be near exhaustion and enivitable collapse, launched a fierce and ruthless counterattack that quickly crippled his opposition. Capturing Grand-Duke Telirius and the majority of the Carthan Duchy, Mathiosus and his Harton legion marched upon Stromgarde, sacking it mercilessly and leading many to believe that Imperator Mathilan Lionblood was also killed in the process. By royal birthright and law of succession, Landens now bore the mantle as the Duke of Carthan in his brother's absence, and by extent of his family's peerage, the rightful Imperator of Stromgarde.

However things could not get anymore complicated for this Holy statesmen. Since his falling out with Mathilan in the months prior, Landens has largely stepped away from Stromgarde's politics while focusing on the Church instead. During his time away from the Highlands another prominent family has risen to power - House of Auralius led by Duke Saervus of the Duchy of Dertona. Rallying the remaining banners behind his own, Saervus now attempts to reclaim the Highlands from the rebel Mathiosus and his army, meanwhile also claiming the title of Imperator for himself.

With the Highland's in crisis unlike any other time before, Landens must figure out what to do - and fast.

Gallery Edit

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