His Grace
Landens V. Lionblood
The Kingdom of Stromgarde
Landens and his father Brutus.

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IconSmall Human Male Human
Stromicflag Arathorian (Stromic)


March 21st, 11 L.C.
Port Carthan, Kingdom of Stromgarde


Church of the Holy Light

Kingdom of Stromgarde

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Alliance-emblem Grand Alliance


HolyChurch Church of the Holy Light

StromgardeIcon Kingdom of Stromgarde

StormwindIcon Kingdom of Stormwind


Holy Light
Church of the Holy Light


House of Lionblood

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Brutus Lionblood (Father) ☩

Marigold Swire (Ex-wife)

Mathrohan Lionblood III (Uncle) ☩

Gaellus Lionblood (Uncle) ☩

Other Family:

Coat of Arms:

Wow northern kingdom remnants by katkitkat-d399k1n


Royal University of Stormwind

Kingdom Administration (M.S.)
Accounting (B.S.)
Finance (B.S.)

Steamwheedle Cartel

Gadgetzan's 2nd Place Winner of the 37th Annual Sandcastle Competition


See Titles

  • 'The Black Sheep'
    Given by Lord Gregory Durwald
  • 'The Wolf of Arathor'
    Given by Sir Thormir the Honourable


The people of Arathor have suffered long enough. An era of peace and prosperity begins now; a world where our children may grow and live freely, their hearts and minds remaining pure and steadfast in innocence.

–Landens Lionblood, Liberation of Whitestone, 627 K.C.

General Edit

Known for his proud connoisseurship of fine wines, art, and sandcastles, Landens Vanthel Lionblood was born in the Carthan Duchy of the Arathi Highlands to the prestigious noble family of House Lionblood. He is an ordained Priest of the Church of the Holy Light's Council of Bishops, currently serving as the Bishop of the Diocese of Stromgarde, Auxiliary-Prefect of the Congregation for Holy Crusades, and as a member of the The Holy Order of Lordaeron. Representing the interests of the Church and Stromgarde alike, Landens also maintains positions as a Consular Spiritual and Lord-Foreign to the Stormwind House of Nobles, a duty which he is most grateful for.

Gallery Edit

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