Lancelin Lothar





Date of Birth

601 K.C.





Lancelin Tirion Lothar is a private in the First Regiment of the Stormwind Army.


Private Lancelin Lothar has the appearance of a typical Regiment soldier, being physically fit and rugged. He stands at a height of 6 feet, with brown hair and a clean shaven face underneath his helmet. He wears a platemail uniform and, like many other soldiers of the Regiment, is rarely seen without it.


Lancelin was born in 601 K.C. in Lordaeron, when human morale was great after the Alliance victory of the Second War. His father, after serving as an infantryman in the retaking of Azeroth, decided to relocate his wife and children back to their former homeland in the realm of Stormwind Kingdom. He had humble beginnings growing up as a farm boy in the Elwynn countryside, with his religious mother teaching him virtues of the Light and his veteran father teaching him swordsmanship skills. 

Life was simple on the farm, albeit the strenuous labor required to grow enough crops to both meet the daily revenue and feed themselves. However, real danger often presented itself whenever rabid wild animals, the rising Defias bandits, and invading Blackrock orcs appeared on the Lothar family's doorstep, in which every family member had to prepare for with defensive arms. When his two older brothers grew up, they joined Kul Tiras Marines and City Watch. He joined the Stormwind Army when he became of age.


It is unknown if he is related to Anduin Lothar, though it is unlikely seeing that the surname "Lothar" is a decently common one in the world of Azeroth.