Lady Kysaerys Silvercrest
Art done by cut-box






Arlaina Silvercrest (Mother, deceased) Telor'danas Silvercrest (Father, deceased)


Boralus, Kul Tiras




Arcanist, Manager of the Magical Association of New Alterac

History Abridged Edit

Born as a mage and herbalist's daughter, Kysaerys had a comfortable household when she was born. She took early on to reading thanks to her father's continued pressing of the subject, and her mother's moral encouragement. As soon as she was even able to read, her father took the advantage to start having her learn about magic in any sort of way possible. She began specific magical training at a young age, and continued such after her mother died from tending to a deadly plant. Kysaerys' father, Telor'danas, brought her to Dalaran with him in order to concentrate fully on her studies and not on the death of her mother. To this day, Kysaerys theorizes about her mother since she remembers little about her. She often likes to think because she looks more elvish than human, that her mother was a half-elf, making her more elvish than human.

The focus on her studies brought Kysaerys to a state of full independence, but it also took away from having friends or anyone close to her, something that would affect her thoroughly throughout her life. Instead of relaxing after a hard day of academics, she would go home and study alongside her father. At this point, Kysaerys would say that her father often treated her like an apprentice instead of a daughter, but he wouldn't even take on an apprentice while she was around. Kysaerys had a love for magic as a whole, and an outstanding affinity for it too, but sometimes she wishes she would have had a more relaxed entry into the arcane arts. Her father, who specialized in abjuration and conjuration, attempted to put Kysaerys down the same path, but he found that she took more to the arts of transmutation and abjuration. Both paths led to Kysaerys taking an interest into becoming a battle mage.

After taking an expertise into telemancy parts of transmutation, she took a liking to the Kirin Tor and joined its ranks. She was taken to many places for her work, and when Dalaran was placed under its dome, she was there. While she couldn't exactly do much under the barrier, she was able to finish mastering what she wished to master before taking her next job of service as a part of the Kirin Tor Offensive on Pandaria. She spent that time issuing portals and protecting encampments against forces, but she felt out of place for the most part. She did her work as needed, but when she'd heard of The Citrine Eagle, she took the opportunity to offer her talents as a magi. Once accepted under their banner, she took it as her immediate responsibility to help any novice mages the order should come across. She also met a great friend, Rebakah Kerringer, who she learned to love after months of being together. For a while, she gained a quasi-leadership position, but she relinquished that once the Legion returned to Azeroth on the Broken Isles. Now was her time to study the ley lines for the importance of the Eagles in order to give them safe transportation through way of portals.

She spent almost 4 or so months at Azurewing Repose mapping the ley lines and communing with them, but when she came back, she still felt out of place. She did have Rebakah with her, and she made Kysaerys feel at home, always. But she didn't feel completely in place until the first of the mage council meetings. An unnamed council without an official leader: this was her chance to do something great for the Eagles. She wished to help not only mages but also the Eagles as a whole, reforming the group of mages into a sort of parliamentary council. The new association, the Magical Association of New Alterac, is her brainchild, and with it comes responsibilities she was ready to take on.


Rebakah Kerringer disappeared when Kysaerys took her position as the Manager of M.A.N.A., and Kysaerys was left to become entirely independent with little to no close friends or relationships. She took her job incredibly seriously, intending to create safety against dangerous and corrupting magics; however, her own understanding of the Legion meant that dangerous magics needed to be monitored, but they could not be banned entirely. Through this, Kysaerys offered the writ system, and it is one she holds with great importance. Her harsh, blunt, and honest personality has made her position of Manager a topic of conversation, but those that know her know she only intends to help the Eagles to the best of her ability, and to do that she would need to be harsh. One who understood this was Donovan Glypheye, who even offered moral support to Kysaerys when she began to doubt her methods. Through him, she has also begun a wish to let others among the council understand her way of leadership.

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