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A Proudmoore-class Transport and Fuego-class Frigate of the Kul Tiras Navy


Lady Katherine Proudmoore
Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth


Highwave Hold, Isle of Kul Tiras


Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Grand Alliance

Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)


Active (Crippled)

The Kul Tiras Navy is the major branch of the standing military of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras. It was known to once maintain the largest human fleets of the Grand Alliance and field thousands of ship-borne Marines in its defense. The Kul Tiras Navy dominated maritime warfare on the Great Sea for centuries, only recently put into question due to the losses it suffered during the Third War and the Cataclysm. Prior to the Cataclysm, the kingdom attempted to rebuild its core fleets, though it is reported that the severe shift that caused the main island of Kul Tiras to shift out to sea caused substantial destruction of rebuilding efforts.

The Navy is usually led by the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, who also acts as the Kingdom of Kul Tiras' central ruler, who following Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's demise by an Orcish skirmish on the city of Theramore is his widowed wife Katherine.

It was once boasted hundreds of ships, however many fleets and units have since been destroyed and the golden days of Kul Tiras has passed. Despite this, the Kul Tiras Navy has rebuilt and remains the dominant modern naval force, rivaled only by the Zandalari.

History Edit

Fleet Bases and Ports Edit

Known Vessels and Ship Classes Edit

Known Vessels Edit

NHA Almirante Edit

NHA Santísima Ligero Edit

Ship Classes Edit

Almirante-class Ship of the Line Edit

The base design of the famed Stormwindian Lion-class, the Almirante-class or Admiral-class is a hulking Heavy First Rate Battleship, carrying 112 cannons and carronades. Designed just before the outbreak of the First War, the Almirantes would be used as the anchor points of Tirasian lines of battle throughout the Great Wars, with the first ship of the class, the NHA Almirante, serving as the flagship of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore up until its destruction at Theramore just after the end of the Third War.

The second ship of the class, the NHA Santísima Ligero, currently serves as the flagship of the navy's First Fleet.

Capitán-class Ship of the Line Edit

Tirassian-class Ship of the Line Edit

Fuego-class Frigate Edit

Áncora-class Frigate Edit

Arder-class Destroyer Edit

Carronada-class Destroyer Edit

Daelin-class DestroyerEdit

The Daelin-class Destroyer was an experimental designed ship that never fully reached height due to the Scourging of Lordaeron and the subsequent closing of Tirassian borders. Mostly found in regions that were isolated and not privy to later Tirassian design, such as the Isle of Havre, the Daelin-class has been modified and is used in several points around them. From which the later Icebreaker would draw heavy inspiration, the Daelin is somewhat behind current design and breakthroughs. As such, while it packs a significant punch, the Daelin does not move very fast.

Cazador-class Corvette Edit

Proudmoore-class Transport Edit

The Proudmoore-class merchant vessel is a ship primarily designed as a cargo ship to transport goods and people over long distances. Named after the war hero Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, the ship was designed in the years immediately after the Second War in order to faciliate the transport of the massive amount of raw materials and laborers required to rebuild Stormwind from the northern nations of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Fleets of the NavyEdit

Command Structure and Ranks Edit

Note: These ranks and information are part of the centralised Grand Alliance Navy fanon, and are thus not required to be acknowledged by anyone.

Flag Ranks (Almirantes) Edit

Lord Admiral

(Hidalgo Almirante)

Kul Tiras Navy O-13
  • Lord Admiral - The ruler of Kul Tiras and commander-in-chief of the Kul Tiras Navy, the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras heads the nations Admiralty Board, along with personally leading the First Fleet. Typically the Lord Admiral will take an active hand in the running of the navy, although during times of weak monarchs or a regency the navy has instead been headed by a senior Admiral.



Vice Admiral

(Vice Almirante)

Port Admiral

(Puerto Almirante)

Counter Admiral

(Contra Almirante)

Kul Tiras Navy O-12
Kul Tiras Navy O-11
Kul Tiras Navy O-10
Kul Tiras Navy O-9
  • Admiral - The commander of one of Kul Tiras' many fleets, Admirals are the senior-most officers of the Tirasian Navy aside from the Lord Admiral. All Admirals are members of the Admiralty Board, with many hailing from the nation's peerage. Unlike in other nations, noble Admirals are never referred to as "Lord Admiral [X]", as such styling is reserved for the monarch themselves.
  • Vice Admiral - Typically serving as the Executive Officers of fleets, Vice Admirals are typically tasked with the command of a subdivision of the main fleet in battle. They also serve on the Tirasian Admiralty Board, although their word carries less weight than that of full Admirals.
  • Port Admiral - Equivalent to the standard Rear Admiral rank of the Grand Alliance Navy, Port Admirals, as their name suggests, are typically the commanders of major naval ports. Port Admirals will also fill the ranks of the navy's top staff officers and, like all other Flag Ranks, sit on the Admiralty Board.
  • Counter Admiral - Serving as the Commanding Officers of Squadrons, Counter Admirals are the Tirasian equivalent of Commodores. The junior-most Flag Officers, Counter Admirals also sit on the Admiralty Board.

Senior Officers (Capitanes) Edit

Ship of the Line Captain

(Capitán de Navío)

Frigate Captain

(Capitán de Fragata)

Corvette Captain

(Capitán de Corbeta)

Captain Lieutenant

(Capitán Teniente)

Kul Tiras Navy O-8
Kul Tiras Navy O-7
Kul Tiras Navy O-6
Kul Tiras Navy O-5
  • Ship of the Line Captain - The Commanding Officers of Ships of the Line and Flagships, Ship of the Line Captains are the most experienced Senior Officers of the Tirasian Navy and are considered to be prime candidates for Flag Rank. Ship of the Line Captains are also found commanding Flotillas of a number of smaller Corvettes.
  • Frigate Captain - Commanders of the navy's frigates and destroyers, Frigate Captains are some of the most numerous Senior Officers of the navy. Frigate Captains who show proficiency at the command of the ship will eventually be promoted to Ship of the Line Captains. They are the equivalent of a normal Grand Alliance Navy Captain.
  • Corvette Captain - Commanders of the larger Corvettes, Corvette Captains are the Tirasian equivalent to Commanders. All the Corvette Captains in a flotilla are typically place under the command of a single high-ranking individual, such as a Ship of the Line Captain.
  • Captain Lieutenant - The commanders of Transports and the smallest Corvettes, Captain Lieutenants are the most junior Senior Officers. They can also be found serving as the Executive Officer aboard largest of Battleships.

Junior Officers (Tenientes) Edit

Ship of the Line Lieutenant

(Teniente de Navío)

Frigate Lieutenant

(Teniente de Fragata)

Corvette Lieutenant

(Teniente de Corbeta)



Kul Tiras Navy O-4
Kul Tiras Navy O-3
Kul Tiras Navy O-2
Kul Tiras Navy O-1
  • Ship of the Line Lieutenant - Typically found as the Executive Officers aboard Ships of the Line, Ship of the Line Lieutenants are senior Lieutenants who have shown themselves capable of leading large numbers of men and weaponry.
  • Frigate Lieutenant - Found commanding divisions of a Battleship's crew or as the Executive Officers of Frigates, Frigate Lieutenants are the equivalent of the standard Lieutenant rank of the Grand Alliance Navy, just as their senior counterparts are the equivalent of standard Captains.
  • Corvette Lieutenant - Found as the commanders of a Frigate's divisions or as the Executive Officers of a Corvette, Corvette Lieutenants are the Tirasian equivalent of an Ensign or Sub-Lieutenant.
  • Midshipman - Trainee and apprentice officers, Midshipmen are members of the Royal Naval Academy of Kul Tiras.

Adjutants (Ayudantes) Edit

Adjutant of the Navy

(Ayudante de Armada)

Adjutant Major

(Ayudante Mayor)

First Adjutant

(Ayudante Primero)



Kul Tiras Navy E-12
Kul Tiras Navy E-11
Kul Tiras Navy E-10
Kul Tiras Navy E-9
  • Adjutant of the Navy - The highest ranking Non-Commissioned Officer of the Kul Tiras Navy, the Adjutant of the Navy serves as the head of all sailor affairs within the navy, along with also serving as the Chief Enlisted Officer of the First Fleet. Although an enlisted rank, they are considered on par with a Port Admiral. The last known Adjutant of the Navy was killed along with Daelin Proudmoore at Theramore and it is unknown if the Admiralty Board has appointed a successor.
  • Adjutant Major - Serving as the Chief Enlisted Officer of their Fleet, Adjutants Major are the highest enlisted ranks of the navy, aside from the Adjutant of the Navy.
  • First Adjutant - Serving as the Chief Enlisted Officer of a Squadron, First Adjutants are advisers to Counter Admirals.
  • Adjutant - Unlike other Adjutant ranks, standard Adjutants do not serve as Chief Enlisted Officers. Instead, they serve as specialists aboard large ships such as Flagships and Battleships.

Petty Officers (Suboficials) Edit

Chief Petty Officer

(Suboficial Mayor)

First Petty Officer

(Suboficial Primero)

Petty Officer


Mariner Major

(Marinero Mayor)

Kul Tiras Navy E-8
Kul Tiras Navy E-7
Kul Tiras Navy E-6
Kul Tiras Navy E-5
  • Chief Petty Officer - Found aboard most medium sized vessels such as Frigates, Petty Officers Major serve as the Chief Enlisted Officer for their vessel. They are sometimes known by the more direct translation of Petty Officer Major or the more archaic form of Countermaster Major.
  • First Petty Officer - Junior specialists, First Petty Officers fill much the same role as Adjutants aboard smaller ships such as Frigates. On Corvettes they can also be found serving as the Chief Enlisted Officer while on Battleships they can be found serving as an Adjutant's assistants. Like all other Tirasian Petty Officers, they are sometimes known by the older form of First Countermaster.
  • Petty Officer - Commanders of Sections, Petty Officers are the most common Petty Officer ranks in the Kul Tiras Navy. They can also be addressed as Countermaster but this is rare.
  • Mariner Major - Trainee or Junior specialists, Mariners Major can be found serving as assistants to First Petty Officers aboard frigates while on smaller Corvettes they will typically serve as the only specialist of that type aboard the ship.

Mariners (Marineros) Edit

First Mariner

(Marinero Primero)

Able Mariner

(Marinero Capaz)



Mariner Recruit

(Marinero Recluta)

Kul Tiras Navy E-4
Kul Tiras Navy E-3
Kul Tiras Navy E-2
Kul Tiras Navy E-1
  • First Mariner - Typically serving as the Executive Officers of Sections or the leaders of Teams, First Mariners are experienced Mariners who are in the process of being trained for command.
  • Able Mariner - Veteran Mariners, Able Mariners are the most experienced sailors not to hold a command.
  • Mariner - The Tirasian equivalent of Seamen, Mariners are the most common members of the navy and are found in all roles.
  • Mariner Recruit - New recruits, Mariners Recruit are typically not assigned to a ship until they have completed their basic training.

Uniforms and Ensigns Edit

Branches Edit

Lord Admiral's Corps of Ordnance (Real Cuerpo de Artillería) Edit

Tirasian Corps of Sea Magi (Tirassi Cuerpo de Marmagos) Edit

Lord Admiral's Corps of Chaplains (Real Cuerpo de Capellanes) Edit

Known Tirasian Naval Personnel Edit

Name Rank Fleet Post Status
IconSmall Human Male Daelin Proudmoore Lord Admiral First Fleet Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras; Grand Admiral of the Alliance Navy Deceased
IconSmall Human Female-0 Katherine Proudmoore Lady Admiral First Fleet Lady Admiral of Kul Tiras Alive
IconSmall Human Female-0 Adelora de Eauétoiles Admiral Flotte de Nuit Admiral of the Flotte de Nuit Alive
IconSmall Human Male Dartlic Boreal Admiral Fifth Fleet Admiral of the Fifth Fleet Alive
IconSmall Human Female-0 Dyana Itheca Admiral Thirteenth Fleet Admiral of the Thirteenth Fleet Alive
IconSmall Human Male John Dunelm Admiral Fourth Fleet Admiral of the Fourth Fleet; Highlord of the Silver Anchor Alive
IconSmall Human Male Rodrigo Basilio Admiral First Fleet Chancellor of the Royal Naval Academy of Kul Tiras Alive
IconSmall Human Male Vekion Stormwater Admiral Seventh Fleet Admiral of the Seventh Fleet Alive
IconSmall Human Male Auguste de Nuit Vice Admiral Flotte de Nuit Vice Admiral of the Flotte de Nuit Alive
IconSmall Human Male Blaise de Tempête Port Admiral Flotte de Nuit Rear Admiral of Nuit Naval Base Alive
IconSmall Human Female-0 Antoinette de Merpierre Counter Admiral Flotte de Nuit N/A Alive
IconSmall Human Male André de Océantaillis Counter Admiral Flotte de Nuit N/A Alive
IconSmall Human Male Derek Proudmoore Ship of the Line Captain Third Fleet Crown Prince of Kul Tiras Deceased
IconSmall Human Male Benedict Ship of the Line Lieutenant Unknown N/A Deceased
IconSmall Human Male Alverold Ship of the Line Lieutenant Unknown N/A Missing
IconSmall Human Female-0 Mary Aideen Pembrooke Corvette Lieutenant Unknown N/A Unknown

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