Knights of the Ebon Blade
The Ebon Blade


Highlord Darion Mograine
Deathlord of the Ebon Blade

Base of Operations


The Knights of the Ebon Blade are an organization of Death Knights who broke free from the reign of the Undead Scourge. While most operate out of Acherus, a number of Death Knights have moved on to serve the Grand Alliance and New Horde in their respective locales. The Ebon Blade is led by Highlord Darion Mograine.


The Knights of the Ebon Blade were originally an army of Scourge death knights trained in the halls of Acherus. They were created (or so they were told) for the purposes of destroying both the Scarlet Crusade in their enclave east of Tyr's Hand, and the Argent Dawn at Light's Hope Chapel. In truth, the entire plan was conceived by the Lich King himself not to destroy the Argent Dawn, but rather to use the death knight legion as bait to lure out the Highlord of the resurgent Order of the Silver Hand, Tirion Fordring.

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