Kisanas'aldor "Kin" Tor'shanvas
Knighthaven S. Neph'anis06.2
Knighthaven S. Neph'anis.


Night Elf - Druid




Darkshore, Auberdine


Patriarch of Talah Zin Thera (Formerly)
Shan'do Knighthaven S. Neph'anis


Grand Alliance
Guardians of Kalimdor (Formerly)
Seventh Vanguard (Formerly)
Talah Zin Thera (Formerly)
Alu Dora (Formerly)

Current Title(s):

Master Druid of the Knight and Haven
Master Druid of the Druid of the Talon
Druid of the Talon
Guardian of Hyjal
Druid of The Cenarion Circle
Master Druid Knighthaven S. Neph'anis


Con'Torenno Nelthal'anis
(Father, Missing)
Loriaraven Tor'Tonickella
(Mother, Deceased)
Stellaria Neph'anis
(Daughter, Alive)


None or most are deceased


Unknown, presumed alive still

 Knighthaven S. Neph'anis or (Kisanas'aldor "Kin" Tor'shanvas), his new name that was founded and that he calls himself and goes by now is a Kaldorei druid and one of the few druids among the Druids of the Talon. He use to be a druid of his own totem, Druid of the Knight and Haven until he sought to go back into training and receive teachings from another to become a druid of the talon. With the recent conflict that Kin had to take part in and after having to fight within it. He became a much different druid and is more quiet, collected and relaxed then he ever was, especially with nearly experiencing death himself and with his daughter, Stellaria Neph'anis (who had also, almost experienced death as well). Kisanas'aldor Tor'shanvas does not resort to violence and neither fights only because of his daughter and the fact that he has not used his powers since two years ago but he takes efforts into some work, treating the wounded and injured around Stormwind or Darnassus using only herbs as a druid. 

He use to previously work with three known orders, Guardians of KalimdorTalah Zin Thera, and Alu Dora. In fact, Kisanas'aldor Tor'shanvas (Knighthaven S. Neph'anis) had worked with the night elves of Guardians of Kalimdor at one point and followed the leadership of Lady Amÿthÿst Firesteel and Lord Thaldun Firesteel as an Commander until he felt and sought that he should resign from his duties within Guardians of Kalimdor, however, that is the past and what is the past should remain in the past. 

By time Knighthaven Shan're'al Neph'anis had moved on from the elven order and the people among them. He had formed an order of his own and was known as the Lord-Patriarch of Talah Zin Thera. Only for a time, Kisanas stood as an successful leader to the night elves, highborne and any others that enlisted and joined Talah Zin Thera until he abandoned his kin one night in Ashenvale to save his daughter, Stellaria from a deadly attack of Grellkin and Satyr and handed the order over to Hellìan Autumnheart. It was Hellìan Autumnheart that deprived him and took the order from him by guilt tripping him and explaining the truth to him. 

Knighthaven Shan're'al Neph'anis (Kisanas'aldor "Kin" Tor'shanvas) has only recently came back to the city of Stormwind and spends much of his time within the city now since after leaving someone (who wanted him to be within Darnassus) and letting go of any promises that he made to her, letting go of any memories of her and letting go of many items that were within his pouch that reminded him of his past. It is unknown as to how Kisanas acts now but he use to be a rather kind-hearted man until now and carried a lot of respect, loyalty and care for many but the recent conflicts may have changed him after him and his daughter nearly experienced death. He is known by many names, NephKinHavenKisan, and even Tor'shan.


Knighthaven S. Neph'anis05.2

Viewing of Knighthaven S. Neph'anis from the side.

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Garrosh Hellscream - Mists of Pandaria, The New Tides, Legacy of Zin AzshariEdit

Hellscream's Gorehowl - Mists of Pandaria, Guardians of KalimdorEdit

Hellscream's Downfall - Mists of Pandaria, The Sovereign SanctorumEdit


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