Lady Katrana Prestor
Katrana Prestor


Human (Dragon)




Kingdom of Stormwind
Stormwind House of Nobles
Black Dragonflight (Secretly)


Missing (Deceased)


Daval Prestor (Father, deceased)

Lady Katrana Prestor was a member of the Stormwind House of Nobles, daughter to Lord Daval Prestor and royal councillor to the House of Wrynn. After the death of Queen Tiffin Ellerian, it was rumored she gained influence over King Varian Wrynn during his time of depression, although it didn't last long. She was the one who insisted Prince Anduin Wrynn be crowned king so order could be maintained when his father went missing.

She was actually the human form of the Black Dragon Onyxia, daughter of the Black Dragon Aspect Deathwing. She was unmasked by Marshal Reginald Windsor, whom she killed shortly after having her cover blown, and was killed sometime later in her lair by Varian Wrynn. To the public eye, Lady Prestor simply vanished without a trace, much like Daval Prestor.