The Judicial Registry  is a ledger established for the purpose of listing all those within the Kingdom of Stormwind who are legally licensed to preside as Barristers in a court of law.

List of Barristers/LawyersEdit

In alphabetical order:

Father Everen Corelas, Criminal Defence and Civil Litigation. (Everen)

Duke Erich Gottfried Manstein, Honorable Lord-Magistrate and Prosecutor (ret.). (Manstein)

Vivians Stormrose Fey, Defense Attorney (Vivians)

Meriahm Lausten, Defense Attorney and Criminal Prosecutor. (Meriahm)

Bob Loblaw (Also Everen)

Duke Maxen Montclair, Criminal Prosecutor. (Maxen)

Duke Anthony Valron, Prosecutor. (Türin)

Glycerius Alexander Titus, Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation (Glycerius)

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