Lady Jaina Proudmoore
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35 (Born 1989 L.A.C.) (3 BDP)


Ruler of Theramore Isle (Former)
Ruler of the Kirin Tor (Former)
Princess of Kul Tiras


Kingdom of Kul Tiras
Magocracy of Dalaran (formerly)

Kingdom of Stormwind
Theramore Isle
Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)
Grand Alliance


Daelin Proudmoore†, father
Katherine Proudmoore, mother
Tandred Proudmoore, brother
Derek Proudmoore†, brother



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Lady Jaina Proudmoore is the youngest of the siblings of the Proudmoore family. She was the former ruler of Theramore Isle until it's destruction by the Horde and was formerly the ruler of Dalaran and the powerful Kirin Tor. After the Council of Six decided to allow the Horde to rejoin the ranks of the Kirin Tor and return to neutrality, Jaina departed from both Dalaran and the Kirin Tor as a member, her position of leader passing to Khadgar.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Jaina Proudmoore was born in 1989 by the Lord Admiral's Calendar, (Three years prior to the First War) to Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and Katherine Proudmoore, and her brother, Derek.

She was said to be interested in the tales of Aegwynn, one of the Guardians, at a young age.

Later her magical talent was brought up to notice and she was sent to Dalaran, shortly upon arriving she met the great Archmage Antonidas, and badgered him to take her on as his apprentice.

Eventually he did take her on as an apprentice, and she became one of the first female Magi in direct service to the Kirin Tor.

Under pressure by the expectations of her mentor, the heroic legacy she had to live up to, and the watchful eye of the citizenry of Lordaeron, Jaina struggled to keep her focus on her studies, though did manage.

Jaina also briefly appears helping to dispose of Kel'Thuzad's undead specimens on the orders of Antonidas.

Positions Held Edit

Leader of the Kirin Tor
Preceded by
Rhonin Redhair
Jaina Proudmoore Succeeded by
Lady of Theramore
Preceded by
Position Created
Jaina Proudmoore Succeeded by
Position Abolished

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