Isenhammer Manse

Isenhammer Manse

Isenhammer Manse is the temporary seat of the Duchy of Stonewatch until the Stronghold of Stonewatch Keep is rebuilt and safe to inhabit. The Mansion itself was built by Darrel Isenhammer II, a renowned mason and architect that desgined several structures in Old Stormwind before the First War.

The ages have worn it down slightly, but with the plants that grow, and the red hills it is built in, it is truly a sight to see.

The Manse itself is comprised of Three Wings. The Lord's Wing, built to have a view overlooking Redridge's lake, The Guest Wing, located opposite of the Lord's Wing, and the Great Hall and Petitioners room built within the mountains. A total of thirty rooms fill its halls, with over a dozen of Chamber pots and three kitchens, as well as an outdoor seating area, large garden, and two living rooms.
Map of the Manse

The rough BLue-print of the Manse. Built partially within the mountain

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