House of Westfield
Westfield Banner

Coat of Arms

A crowned Raven on top of an orange shield, bearing the military commanders sigil.


Faith and Justice


Winterbreak Castle

Current Head

Hendrek Westfield

Heiress Presumptive

Hannaleigh Westfield




Count of Winterbreak


Perenolde's of Alterac (Former)


Albert Westfield


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Alterac

The House of Westfield is a noble house of the defunct Kingdom of Alterac. The family rules over the Duchy of Winterbreak on the western base of the Alterac Mountains. The current head of the House is Lord Hendrek Westfield. He rules over Winterbreak and is a Paladin of the Silver Hand. Hendrek and his father also founded the organization known as the Dominion of Alterac- a group set on taking back the fallen Kingdom and reclaiming it for the Alliance.

The House of Westfield brought their lands into the Kingdom of Alterac a few years after it was first established. Ever since then, they have always held high military positions within the Army of Alterac and the King's Court. It wasn't until the discovery of the betrayal of the King of Alterac, Aiden Perenolde, that the family withdrew from the Courts and the Military, to bring their lands into an isolated state once more. While they haven't officially separated from the Kingdom of Alterac, it is assumed by many, even today that the Westfield's are no longer apart of the fallen Kingdom.