House of Vadokriptus

Coat of Arms

(Prior Third War) Majestic blue stallion upon crimson backdrop

(Post Third War) Corrupted mare upon a split red and gray backround


Strength brings Glory


Dedicated - Disiplined - Direct - Dignified

House Capital

(Prior Third War) Wate's Landing

(Post Third War) Blightsbane Fortress

Current Head

Duke Azrikam Vadokriptus (Contested)

Baron Caiphas Vadokriptus (Contested)


Lebbeus Vadokriptus II

The House of Vadokriptus is one of the oldest houses to date, uncharted though known to have been around since the founding of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It is currently headed by Scourgelord Azrikam Vadokriptus, though many do not consider him the house's true head, instead considering the deceased Caiphas Vadokriptus the last head. Currently the house reigns over Scourgeholme, in the frozen land of Northrend, and has little or no credible influence left in Lordaeron.

Origin and Founding, Order of Lebbeus IIEdit

One of the most prized Arathorian generals of his time, Lebbeus II had claimed over three-hundred victories in his long thirty year career. While many saw this number exaggerated and not correct, he still had held the respect of the militarastic nation. He retired at the ripe age of fifty-six, and settled in the small quiet town of Ardormore.

It was there he hoped to gain entry into the politics of nobility, but because of his ruthless career and numerous controversies he could not get a good grasp within that realm. Two years after he retired, he started to grow frustrated and angry at this resolve. He gathered a group of his most trustworthy military lieutenants, and they conferred quietly for weeks at his home. As this was a mere decade after the Civil War in the Empire, suspicion grew, and so it was that they were shackled and put to jail.

They were tried and convicted a year's stay in the gloomy stockades, but only did eight months. When they were freed they immediatly began preparing, so desperate and quick that they were gone within a week's time. They were pursued all the way to the borders of Arathor, where the pursuit was dropped and the pursuers defeated. Lebbeus resolved to go west, and so he and his troop did so.

It was during this time a large group of renegade bandits were controlling much of the western region, the new settlers desperately trying to wrestle control from them. Lebbeus and his armsmen were trained and had much experience, a deep contrast to the more passive western settlers. Their prowness in battle proved to be useful, as they pushed back the bandits and decimated their numbers. But it would also prove costly, as Lebbeus was brutally injured and in danger of dieing. In honor of his sacrifice, the Kingdom of Lordaeron king granted the Vadokriptus line much land just north of the capital city, and many a titles. 

Lebbeus would live on through his son, Wate, who would make the trek to the land and plant the banner of the House of Vadokriptus upon its fertile soil. It was this reason the large manor built to overlook the land was named Wate's Landing, though Lebbeus is still considered the founder of the house.

Building and Expansion, Reign of Wate VadokriptusEdit

( Work in Progress.)