Strom'varr crest

The Stromheart House Crest, along with its motto, and New Common translation: 'Humanity Forever'


The House of Strom'varr


Kingdom of Stromgarde

Original Patriarch

Varr the King's Heart

Lands of entitlement

The Province of Rockvale

Sub-regions of sovereignty

Balgrad, Fjornwood, Varr's Reach, Midland, Ivalon

Years of Rule

5 LC-present

Current patriarch

Lord Tenevus Stromheart

Current matriarch

Lady Kateryn Stromheart

House Seat

'Duke of the Royal Crown of Stromgarde'

House Sigil

The Ram

House Motto

'Azotha Eth'IM' (Humanity Forever)

THE ANCIENT house, once formerly a clan, of the Arathi Highlands, House Strom'varr has ruled the rocky, yet mystic and secluded lands of Rockvale (once known as Rohk'vahl, or the Land Beyond the Rock Veil.) The house, founded by a distant cousin of Ignaeus Trollbane, Varr, has since its inception been a prominant family in the Kingdom of Stromgarde, up until the nation's splintering at the hands of the Syndicate where it, being as secluded and rather fortuitous in reasources, had little contact since from the once Grand City of Stromgarde Keep.

The House of Srom'varr has held a seat on the King's Summit and its lineage has been known to excell in military strategy and is even more well known for its tempered, yet stubborn ideals of honor and virtue, being one of the most religious families in the rather Atheistic Highlands. Several wars, such as the Balgrad March and the regionally infamous, "Midland Massacre" are but a few wars that the stalwart house has been faced with. Since the previous Duke Ivhal Stromheart (the family's name in new common) 's death, the current seat has been filled since with his second youngest son, Tenevus Stromheart. No heir apparant has been claimed to follow Duke Tenevus on account of his bachelor state, up until recent months where he has claimed a bride, the fair Lady Kateryn Stromheart of Gilneas.

Varr, The blood of TrollbaneEdit

Following the chaos that was the Troll Wars, a conflict that spanned the length of the entire continent of Azeroth, the tribes of Arathor, now unified under a common banner, set out to claim their prize: the land of the Kingdoms.

One warrior, Ignaeus Trollbane, King Thoradin's most trusted lieutenant was sent eastward into the rocky reaches that had been infested with troll for hundreds of years, now thought to be fallow and ripe for the taking. Ignaeus, noble and loyal to his King and friend, obliged, taking with him four of his own trusted Lieutenants: Brahn, Maldir and the last two whom were brothers and cousins to Ignaeus - Valdar and Varr. The Legion of Trollbane, as it was known, set out for the wilderness.

The Sons of StromEdit

After landing Trollbane's forces and after years just outside what the legion called 'The Lands Beyond the Rock Veil', the old warrior had grown weary. Unable to continue he conquest, he sent the Four Sons of Strom to breach the mountains and seek what glory might await on the other side. Leaving with Trollbane's blessing, the four lieutenents left with a pre-nomial to their name to mark their allegience to the King and Empire. It was then Varr began the legacy as Strom'varr the First.

Landing just inside the lands and having fought what seemed endless troll refugees, the land was theres, a land which is now known as 'Rockvale, the High Perch of the Fatherland'

Unity of the HouseEdit

Through the expansion of the Four Sons, the lands began to take shape. First, the town of Midland, the original capital, and to be lead by Strom'valar, next the friged peaks of Balgrad, which was ripped from the graps of a large tribe of forest trolls; it was appointed to Strom'brahn Next was the magestic redwood forest of Fjorwood Forest and the county of 'Fjorn' was established, lead  under the dubious Strom'maldir. The final place, which now stands as the capital, Ivalon, a salty seaside city, rich with iron, fish and lush flora, was found. It was there Strom'varr wrangled a large ram for his men to eat, but through the struggle, the ram managed to batter the warrior to near death. Impressed with the animal's stubborness and unwillingness to give up, he pardoned it and made the Ram the official sigil of his clan.

After years of bickering and politic play between the 'Clans of the Rock' as many outsiders called it, a small skirmish broke out after the 'Midland Massacre' at the hands of the traitorous Strom'maldir. It was then, through unity under the Banner of Strom'varr that the aggressors were vanquished and peace in the Highlands was attained. It was too then that Strom'brahn, Strom'valar and the rest of Strom'maldir kneeled in supplication to Strom'varr and thus unified the House under the Duchy of Rockvale.

The Troll InfestationEdit


Regions and TownsEdit


Recent EventsEdit



The Previous Duke, Lord Ivhal Stromheart, and his family.

Known LineageEdit

There have been countless Lords and Ladies (and their families) over the course of the good portion of three millenia, but a few stand out from the rest as pioneers of their people.

Varr the King's HeartEdit

First of the Strom'varr, House originator

Duchess Rayth'a the VanquisherEdit

Wife of the fallen Duke Theogran whom unified the forces of Rockvale to push back the trolls from the southern islands, establishing the Township of Varr's Reach.

Duke WolphenEdit

The seventeenth Duke of Rockvale, responsible for opening trade with the Dwarves of Khaz Modan and bolstering strong allignment and monetary independance from the rest of Stromgarde.

Archmagi Bohrell CastwickEdit

The first Archmage of Ivalon, responsible for the construction of the Tower of Ivalon, the first and only mage tower of Rockvale and university for local magi.

Duke Rhendel StromheartEdit

The first Duke to use the name 'Stromheart' as a modern alternative to 'Strom'varr' the familiy's proper name.

Duke Ivhal Stromheart the DiplomatEdit

The father of the current Duke, he was instrumental in unifying the Kingdom of Stromgarde under King Liam and Thoras prior the years of the First War, taking large parts in ties between Lordaeron, Alterac and Dalaran. It was during the Raven's Rebellion that he was able to unify with his fellow lords of the Highlands and destroy the threat that nearly caused an open war between Alterac and Stromgarde.

Current Members of the HouseEdit

First GenerationEdit

-Duke Tenevus Stromheart

-Duchess Kateryn Stromheart

-Tessara Stromheart

-Marconius Stromheart

Second GenerationEdit

-Baron Faldren Stromheart

(Others known)

Third GenerationEdit

-Richar Stromheart 

-Litharia Stromheart

-Brynash the Younger

(Many others known)