House Stokeswood
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A black and white tilled soil, between two iron swords, in a grey field.


Look No Further


Silverstone Keep

Current Head

Williert Stokeswood


Edric Stokeswood




Lord of Silverstone

Warden of Everbright

House Stokeswood is a very old noble family of Lordaeron. Their seat is Silverstone Keep, a grand castle in the region of Everbright. Their sigil is a black-and-white tilled soil between two swords, in a grey field. It represents two notable aspects of their land: the production of iron and agriculture.

Finally, their words are "Look No Further", as a remind to friends and enemies alike.


Long ago, when the Empire of Arathor began to crumble, a band of like-minded people, led by Edric Stokeswood journeyed northeastern. Eventually, they settled in a land composed of many green hills and valleys, the terrain ideal for farming.

Therefore, Edric decided there was likely no better place for his brethren to stay. Soon, the common folk started to till the soil, harvest and feed themselves.

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Wardens of EverbrightEdit

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After the Scourge onslaught, there were not many noble Houses that survived. Williert Stokeswood seized this opportunity, and declared, by right of conquest, lordship over all Everbright.

In fact, this has only been possible because the Stokeswoods' ancient rival, House Clatter, is presumely extinct. The only families still alive are not capable of matching the power of the Lord of Silverstone, given that through political manipulation and shrewd actions, Williert Stokeswood marshaled a powerful force following the reclamation of Silverstone.

Notable StokeswoodsEdit

Edric Stokeswood - He was the founder of House Stokeswood. Through charisma and perseverance, he started to consolidate his family power in Everbright.

Alec Stokeswood - Son of Edric. Lord Alec continued his father work, expanding his borders. He was responsible for the construction of the great castle of Silverstone.

Leopold Stokeswood - Amongst the notable facts of his reign, there are the first contact with House Clatter and the building of the Twin Towers of Leopold, overlooking the Dense Wood.