The House of Garibald

Coat of Arms

Gold oak resting in sable, bordered by erminoise and capped by crimson cloth.


Spent and Spilt



Current Head

Orazio Garibald




Baron of the Wash (former)
Lords Eastfold (current)


House of Albrecht


Bartolomeo Garibald

The House of Garibald has roots in the knighted gentry of Eastern Lordaeron and Arathi, but its ascent into the ranks of nobility is fairly recent, and remembered by many. Making its home the city of Hasic, the Garibald line has produced its fair share of shrewd politicians, savvy traders, and formidable knights over three generations.


Though records are hazy, the Garibald family can trace its roots to the first exodus of Arathi peoples away from their familiar Strom. After several generations the noted knight Frederick Garibald helped his masters establish the county of Hasic in what had once been Troll land. But unlike the myriad of petty principalities and burgeoning kingdoms that split from Strom during that era, Hasic found itself under the iron grip of the Arathi nobility. So began a procession of centuries in which Hasicans fought the savages of Eastfold valley, the newly-instated Arathi dukedom of Hasic, and on occasion each other.

The Garibalds rose to true prominence with the escalation of Stromgarde's River Campaign against the rebellious lords of Eastfold. Though his countrymen were outnumbered and outfought at every clash by the empire's men, Bartolomeo Garibald rallied his comrades (and sometime rivals) to hold the approaches to Hasic while he gathered a mass of mercenary bands from Lordaeron, Azeroth, and all other kingdoms to smash the resurgent Arathi. He was enormously successful, and while the Arathi overlord of Eastfold was not crushed, his subjects found themselves in a position of legally-guaranteed freedom via the Peace of Aerie Peak. Recognized in no small way for his efforts, Bartolomeo ascended to the rank of baron and took valuable lands belonging to lords who sympathized with the Arathi cause.

Bartolomeo's son, Maginulf Garibald, continued his father's reputation for heroism in the Second War. While Hasic resisted the Orcish onslaught, the young baron took the field against former allies over the Invasion of Alterac. There he and his small cadre of knights seized a great many hostages, and slew those highborn who fell to desperation with their kingdom's fall. On his return to Hasic, Maginulf chased down the remaining Horde around Eastfold. His timely arrival was the call for more honors, titles, and a spot on the grand council of Hasic's Free League.

Orazio Garibald is the current patriarch of House Garibald, and currently the only confirmed survivor of his lineage.