House Flamearrow
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"Provoke the Flamearrows and receive fire."

Current Leader

Orolian Flamearrow

House Standing

Dedicated Farstrider Military House


Alerion Gaius Flamearrow I

Area of Residence

Sin'Dal Valley

The Military House Flamearrow, founded by Alerion Syn'thal  was created as a method to escape the strict rules and regulations that House Syn'thal had set forth as a prominent early Noble House of Quel'thalas. Created on a goal to provide Quel'thalas with adequate Farstriders to join the growing Farstrider Coalition, the Flamearrow Military House soon become a respected house among the Farstriders, and that of the general public as well. While never possessing comparable power to the Nobility of Quel'thalas, it possessed reputation and military pull to get what it needed done. 

Currently led by Orolian Flamearrow , the Flamearrow Military House has gone from strict Farstrider-born bodies, to more open bodies as the House begins to develop a more diverse list of proffessions and talents. 


Uprising Edit

Quel'thalas Calendar Year: 5150

Alerion Syn'thal, raised by Gaius Syn'thal III and Allarah Syn'thal, was the stereotypical 'black-sheep' of the Syn'thal Nobility Houseline. While most of the members in House Syn'thal possessed talents in the Magi-arts, Alerion could not grasp the fundamentals of even the most basic magics. As he grew a talent in Archery, in the year 5250, he undertook the teachings of the Ranger by Tylion Galesinger, and became a Ranger.

When he became of age, at the year 5280, the Syn'thal family exiled him as a failure, drowning the Ranger in sorrow and anger. As retaliation, he created his own House - one unaffiliated with Nobility, and named it House Flamearrow, a tribute to his mentor's fallen beast, a Pheonix named Flamearrow.  He renamed himself Alerion Gaius Flamearrow, taking his grandfather, Gaius Syn'thal II's, first name as his middle name, and keeping his first name so that his parents could recognize his progress, as a method to spite them. 

At the year 5860, with Alerion's complete mastery of the Ranger training, he met a woman by the name of Evalysia Dawnheart. As the two pursued the same profession and talents, they seemed to create a bond much quicker and stronger than anyone else Alerion had interacted with. Two decades of training with each other resulted in an inseparable bond which led to marriage. Upon marrying Evalysia, and allying with House Dawnheart, Alerion finally had the correct tools to begin trying to create a family and expand the House Flamearrow name.  

Within a few years, Alerion and Evalysia had their first and only child, Xandiv Flamearrow, at the year 5900, the first heir to the Flamearrow heritage. The two Rangers helped grow Xandiv under the teachings of the Ranger, as they wanted to ensure that their children would continue on their own teachings to their children, and so on.  

Given Alerion's impressive mastery of the Ranger lifestyle, when the coalition of Rangers came together to create the Farstriders, in the year 6200, Alerion was proclaimed as one of the first Ranger-Lords to help lead the growing Farstrider army. He pledged himself, and his house to serve the Farstriders, and as such, the Flamearrow House shifted from a Ranger Household to a Military House. 

Death of Head Edit

As the Flamearrow House continued to grow in numbers (mostly by the usage of revenue to hire private Farstriders, and contractors) Alerion and Evalysia pooled their resources together to create a beautiful Elven manor (year 6222) at the edges of Syn'Thal Valley, which was home to the Sin'Dal Nobility Houseline; the manor was kept a secret for the most part, as the Syn'Thal valley was large enough to have two major houses without any large obstruction. The House was destined to house the Flamearrow Household for years to come.

The Flamearrow Manor Edit

After a year of construction, the forty-room, four-wing manor was built. The Flamearrow Manor's wings consisted of two living wings, an military wing, and a servant and guest wing. Both living wings have twenty rooms each, separated into two floors, with ten rooms on each floor, on both wings. The military wing is decorated with an armory in the first floor, and a command room in the second floor. The servant and guest wing is decorated with living quarters for the Manor servants on the second floor, with a guest living quarter on the first floor.

The Flamearrow Manor also has an acre of land, with a large courtyard behind the house, and a long front-lawn with plenty of room to see anything that may be attempting to sneak its way to the Manor. At the end of the courtyard, there is a training field, with archery marks and training dummies, as well a three-story barracks for the Farstriders. Half of the first floor is an armory, the second half is a recreational quarter, while the two top floors of living quarters with ten rooms on each floor.

Post Completion of the Flamearrow Manor Edit

With the Flamearrow Manor being finished on year 6223, Alerion, Xandiv, Evalysia finally had an adequate place to call home. They moved in their own private Farstriders into the building, as well as hiring a staff of servants to ensure the upkeep of the giant manor.

When Xandiv hit his 350th birthday, at year 6250, a tribe of Trolls sent an all-out attack on the Flamearrow Manor, taking the residents completely by surprise. The Trolls attacked with great numbers compared to those within the Manor (Only 3 Flamearrows, and 10 Farstriders, against 30 Trolls), but the Flamearrow Elves continued their fight regardless. Ten minutes into the fight, the Trolls managed to take out two Farstriders and make their way inside of the Manor, destroying anything on their way. At this point, the Trolls had lost 11 Tribe members, but they kept on pushing, with only 19 Trolls left. They quickly made their way up the second floor, to the military wing, and into the Command Room, where they found Alerion, Xandiv, Evalysia, and all 8 Farstriders left ready with a trap. As the Trolls charged into the room, strategically placed Elves managed to take out two Tribe members immediately upon entering the room, followed by four more soon after the trolls ran towards the three Flamearrows. With only 13 Trolls left, a melee fight undertook between the Flamearrows, the remaining trolls, and the eight Farstriders.

At the end of the battle, every Troll was defeated, but with great casualties. There were only three Farstriders left, and both Alerion and Evalysia were found to have been struck down in the battle. With Xandiv being the only Flamearrow left alive, the House of Flamearrow automatically became his, even though the young Elf was drastically unprepared for the responsibility. With a rage-filled heart, Xandiv swore to avenge his fallen parents, and to bring the Flamearrow House to a glory of immense proportions, no mater the cost.

Xandiv's Era Edit

Not even a few months later, Xandiv began to create plans to attempt to improve what was left of the Flamearrow Military House into an actual force to be reckoned with. With the three Farstriders left, Xandiv gave each of them official standings as members of the Flamearrow Military House, not just a militia to be used for their own private uses. With this standing, the three members, Tiberius Bladescythe, Vinial Soulsong, and Adromal Nightsinger, set out to find adequate Farstriders to serve under the Flamearrow Banner.

By year 6252, two years after the deaths of Alerion and Evalysia, Xandiv had managed to find a (in his mind) suitable wife, by the name of Threya Sunspot, to help create a heir for the Flamearrow House under Flamearrow blood, the two were married with a child on the way by November 6253. Soon afterwards, Tiberius and Vinial became rather close, and a year after Threya and Xandiv's wedding, at January 6254, had their own marriage and upcoming child.

Xandiv quickly took Alerion's place as Ranger-Lord of the 5th Farstrider Battalion, becoming one of the youngest Ranger-Lords ever at the age of 354. While the Ranger-General was hesitant at first, she had realized that it was essential that his spot be filled, and Alerion had always spoke highly of his son, and Xandiv himself had proven himself in the Ranger-General's eyes, so she figured he'd give him a try. She had a replacement ready if things went south.

Turalyon Bladescythe Edit

Moros Flamearrow was born in June 6254, and Turaylon Bladescythe was born in August 6254. As the Flamearrow Military house continued to grow in numbers, the two males grew side-by-side, as cousins. The two male's friendship continued to only grow stronger the older they got. by the time the two boys were fourteen years old, at year 6268, they had both proved a mastery at the Farstrider training that Tiberius and Xandiv trained them in. The two looked to be good candidates for the Farstriders when they became of age, and that was also a personal dream for the two of them.

However, Xandiv had other plans. When Turalyon and Morsos grew to the age of 17, at the year 6271, Xandiv began to influence Turalyon down a darker path than the honorable path of the Farstriders. What Tiberius, Threya, Vinial, and Adromal didn't know, was that Xandiv was secretly using the Flamearrow Military House as a front to smuggle illicit materials for sale at the Capital city of Silvermoon. To Xandiv's disadvantage, he had no one to trust to properly sell these products, as he could not sell them himself for the fear of being caught. He began to train Turalyon in proper methods to distribute the illicit drugs, and teaching him how to make the most profit out of someone attempting to haggle him.

To Xandiv's dismay, only a year after convincing Turalyon to sell for him, on his 18th birthday, Tiberius had caught on to the illegal activities Turalyon was doing for Xandiv. However, Xandiv had trained Turalyon well, and the young elf confessed that he was selling the drugs for his own profit. Disgusted, TIberius shooed Turalyon from Quel'thalas, claiming that he was a disgrace for the hospitality provided by the Flamearrow House.

Turalyon's Adventures in Lordaeron Edit

Turalyon soon enough ended up in Lordaeron. The young depressed Elf, with no possible place to stay, spent his time avoiding knights and stealing food from smaller Human villages. During his travels he met a young 18 year old human female by the name of Alice Porter, who's parents happened to own a rather large piece of land and a farm. Alice had found Turalyon sleeping on the ground of her parent's ranch one night, and feeling remorse for the poor man, she brought him food, and offered him shelter inside of their farm's ranch house. For several days, Turalyon would return to the same ranch house by the end of the day, and Alice would always be there, ready with food to help feed the Quel'dorei.

Alice helped teach Turalyon the Human's common language, while Turalyon taught Alice how to properly hold a bow, and how to hunt wild animals. The two worked in tandem for several months, until two years after Turalyon's exile by his father, he received a letter via an arcane portal. The letter described how Turalyon was being allowed to return to Quel'thalas, under the condition that he stop his illegal activities. How the Magistrate was able to port the letter to him he did not know, but he knew that if his father went through the trouble to get a Magister to get this to him, then he was serious. As Turalyon was preparing himself to leave, Alice once again came into the Ranch house when her parents were asleep, and questioned his leaving.

As Turalyon tried to explain himself, with a glance at each other's eyes, the two consciously ended up making love, a small goodbye that Turalyon had offered Alice. He promised to come down again, and left back north with haste.

Turalyon's return to Quel'thalas Edit

Year 6273: Turalyon soon made it back to Quel'thalas rather quickly, the trip only taking a few several hours of walking to reach the first Elven gate. However, he was intercepted by Xandiv in the middle of the road, a few hours away from reaching the Flamearrow House. Xandiv threatened Turalyon that he still worked for him, and if he didn't comply, one of the Bladescythes would end up dead. Turalyon was forced to comply, and swore that he would be more secretive from now on.

Tiberius welcomed Turalyon back with open arms, simply happy to have his son back. Not only was Tiberius and Vinial happy to see their son, but Morsos was happy to have his best friend back. Morsos and Turalyon soon began to connect again, filling each other thing in time long lost, and ready to create new adventures together.

Turalyon still sold the illicit drugs which Xandiv was continuously collecting for him, but was now much more secretive and sly about it. A year after Turalyon had left Alice in that ranch house, the young Elf had managed to bring in over thirty thousand gold coins in under-the-table money from sales of the distribution. This pleased Xandiv greatly, and he decided to allow the Elf some time off - the only thing Turalyon wanted to do with this time was return to Alice, hopefully she was still in that same Farm.

Upon sneaking his way through Lordaeron and finding the same Farm, Turalyon was relieved to see that Alice still lived there, though the girl now looked much more tired and distressed from before. At that time, Turalyon and Alice both were at the age of 21, and only three years of aging had affected the girl greatly. When Turalyon approached Alice, he was met by rage, sadness, and joy. Alice explained to him in common how, when he left, he had left her pregnant. This greatly shocked Turalyon, but he decided to take on the responsibility regardless. Upon asking where the child was, Alice informed him that she had him hidden away with a friend of hers. Her parents would never approve of a half-elf child. She had lied to them, and told them the child died during childbirth, so they didn't have to witness her bearing it. The two head to Alice's friend's house, where Turalyon finally got to see his son. Alice informed him that she wished to name him after his father, and wished to keep his father's last name. He was best in Turalyon's hands. With that, Alice expressed how she did not want him around anymore, and told Turalyon to leave with the child. He was his responsibility now.

This tore apart the Elf, but deciding that this was his fault, he took the child back to Quel'thalas with him. Though he did not tell anyone except for Xandiv; however, telling Xandiv was a mistake. The older Elf was furious that Turalyon had brought a half-elf to his household. He made Turalyon swear that this child would be raised in secret, and away from the Flamearrow Manor, and if Turalyon met these conditions, Xandiv would provide him everything he would need. Upon agreeing with each other, Turalyon built a house for Turalyon Bladescythe II. He hired a nanny to watch over the child when Turalyon was busy "working" for Xandiv within the Capitol. He also decided to call the child by a nickname, giving him a more suitable name of simply Axel, with no actual surname. As such, Turalyon "Axel" Bladescythe was brought to Quel'thalas, with half of his kind.

Turalyon and Axel Edit

By this point, Morsos was old enough to start a family of his own. By the time Axel had reached the age of ten, by year 6284, Morsos had married and had four children of his own: Tylan, Vythrian, Xandiv II, and Silvanus Flamearrow, all males. His wife, Rayah Flamearrow, alongside Morsos, successfully helped raise the children, creating an actual stable, happy family.

Tiberius, Vinial, Adromal, and Turalyon all helped Morsos and Rayah raise the children, as Morsos and Rayah seemed to be creating more and more children. At the same time, Xandiv had gained a high enough revenue to hire his own private assassins, a rogue group of Shadowstalkers that would be contacted when he needed them. With over 500,000 gold coins within the Flamearrow Bank Vault, Xandiv was becoming more and more power hungry. With his wealth and position within the Farstriders, Xandiv managed to create relationships with multiple noble houses throughout Quel'thalas. Offering them all the possible employment of the Flamearrow Farstriders, who were revered among the Capitol to be some of the most talented Farstriders in all of Quel'thalas.

As the Flamearrow Military House grew in power, and Axel grew older, Turalyon had his hands full. With the demands of illicit drugs becoming more and more overwhelming, Turalyon was promising out more than he could actually handle. Soon enough he had to use some of Xandiv's assassins as protection within the capitol to ensure his safety. The assassins always followed him as he sold the drugs, and the intimidation factor of a drug dealer walking around with two bodyguards was enough to get any possible perpetrators off of his back.

Turalyon instinctively taught his son how to fight as the Farstriders do, however, Axel wasn't interested in that sort of combat. The boy was fascinated with knives, and he looked with extreme admiration to the Shadowstalkers in the books he read, and the Farstriders he specialized in melee combat over ranged. When Axel grew to be 16 years old, at the year 6290, he became more and more influenced by Xandiv to learn the ways of the Shadowstalker. Xandiv himself taught him what he knew, and taught him how to kill an enemy in a few seconds and vanish, compared to having to run after a kill like the Farstriders did. He taught the boy what laws were in place within the Silvermoon Capitol - which crimes were more dangerous than the other to commit, and how to avoid being caught when committing crimes.

Turalyon soon caught on to what Xandiv was doing to his child, and upon attempting to confront the older Elf about it, Xandiv simply slit the man's throat to avoid having to answer his questions. He left the body on the ground, but however, he was seen committing the murder by Morsos. With a swift movement, Xandiv was at Morsos's side, as he dragged the young male by his hair to a private part of the manor. Xandiv made Morsos swear that he would never tell anyone, or he would exile him from the Flamearrow House, and use his sons as he sees fit. While Morsos was extremely angry for seeing his best friend be murdered by his own father, and then threatened by the same man, Morsos was forced to agree to keeping the murder a secret. A secret that would tear the Elf apart.

Xandiv set the body just outside the Flamearrow Manor, and sacrificed one of his own assassins, by killing the Elf and placing the Assassin's body besides Xandiv. He positioned the two to look as if they both managed to execute each other with fatal blows, so that the perpetrator and victim were both eliminated from the equation, and no case would be made. It wasn't long for Tiberius to notice his son's absence, and Vinial was unfortunately the first one to find her dead son's corpse in the front lawn, and her screams of rage and sadness were enough to get the entire Flamearrow Household outside beside her. Morsos joined the mob as well, however, the mere sight forced him to return inside, as he brought all of his kids in with him. By this time, Tylan was six years old, Vythrian was five, Xandiv II was four, and Silvanus was two. Tiberius soon made it outside as well, and upon seeing his son dead on the ground, he became highly enraged, storming to Xandiv's quarters, demanding to know why Xandiv hadn't upheld his promise to help keep his family safe. With a simple shrug of his shoulders, Xandiv ordered Tiberius to leave his quarters, he threw the man a bag of gold coins, telling him to find somewhere else to live if he didn't like it here. Tiberius ended up taking the gold coins and leaving with Vinial, leaving Adromal alone to train all the new Farstriders. The two Bladescythes had no idea that Turalyon "Axel" Bladescythe existed.

Axel Edit

When Axel had reached the age of 26, at the year of 6301, he became one of Xandiv's top lieutenants when it came to running Xandiv's illegal operations. The young Elf used Xandiv's money to form his own assassin group, a group of assassins he would personally train, and named them the "New Blades" - a simple name to express the freshness of the group. Axel and his New Blades ended up being quite beneficial for Xandiv, as they proved to be a very effective silent murder organization, taking out all of Xandiv's enemies with secrecy and precision.

Four years after the creation of the New Blades, at the year of 6305, Xandiv had enough political pull to threaten Magisters to do what he wished. Soon enough, Xandiv had three Magister Legislators under his control, and with them, he furthered his own agenda even more. As a result, Axel was loaded with riches. The man had helped bring over 3,000,000 gold coins to the Flamearrow Bank Vault, and the number kept on growing. Soon enough, Xandiv had his own outside organization that ran itself, a Cartel that he didn't have to touch until he collected its money. The organization had individuals working inside and outside of the Capitol, distributing the drugs, selling them, importing them, and even exporting them to the Human lands. Soon, the Cartel, was big enough to have its own name; it ended up naming itself the "Bleeding Gales", and soon controlled a port within Quel'thalas, allowing even quicker import and export of illicit drugs, weapons, and even prostitution.

Years of Normality Edit

By year 6308, the Flamearrow Manor lived in relative normality for several years to come. The Bleeding Gales were a prominent force within Quel'thalas, and even began setting bases in Lordaeron and Arathor, bringing in massive amounts of profit to the Flamearrow Household. Axel and his New Blades soon because some of the most talented killers in all of Quel'thalas, but were good enough to keep their presence a secret. Not many knew that this certain group existed, and that's exactly how they wanted things to be. Meanwhile, within three years of the operations present, Xandiv had grew a net worth of 10,000,000 gold coins. The Elf was overwhelmed with money, and soon had his own private Farstrider Army. As well, Morsos and Rayah raised their children to their best ability. While Morsos was still being torn by the secret he possessed, he tried his best to ensure that his children would not suffer for his own anxiety and depression.

During the years of normality, Xandiv began finding new ways to make the Flamearrow House even more prominent than it already was. The Elf found a rather strong stone, named ebony, found in a mine in Southern Quel'thalas, which he immediately began harvesting by hiring workers to mine the stone for him. Soon, the Elf had enough stone to begin creating individual arrow heads with it. The ebony stone arrowheads proved to be much stronger than normal steel arrowheads, as they would rip through flesh with absolute ease. Xandiv also soon learned that the arrowheads were flammable, which intrigued the Elf greatly.

He soon found an enchanter who, with large amounts of gold, created an enchantment for Xandiv's use and reproduction if he wished. The enchantment allowed the arrowheads, when in flames, to cause the fire to churn inside of an enemy, effectively burning them from inside and out. He named the arrows "Flamearrows", evidently after his family name. And soon made it a requirement for all Flamearrow members to learn how to create these arrows on their own, finding the stone and enchantment to become a force to be reckoned with.

Sixteen years after Xandiv invented the arrows, at the year 6324, all members within House Flamearrow had managed to effectively create the arrows, making the Flamearrow Farstriders a force to be reckoned with. The non-flamearrow Farstriders employed by the Flamearrow House were also taught how to make the arrows, though their enchantments weren't as potent as the family enchantment.

By this point, Tylan was 22 years old, Vythrian was 21 years old, Xandiv II was 20 years old, and Silvanus was 18 years old. All four Elves were now official Rangers within the Farstrider Army, and each of them had succeeded the trial of the Ebony Arrows. Soon enough, the Flamearrow Family was becoming a large force to be reckoned with, one that would continue to be great for years to come.

Orolian Vythal Flamearrow Edit

When year 6326 came around, Tylan, at the age of 24, had finally found a woman suitable for him. A woman by the name of Cindy Oakflash, a local Priestess, who slowly began to influence Tylan into the teachings of the light. The two married soon after they met, within two years, in the year 6328, and ten years later, Tylan had proclaimed himself as a Champion of the Light. Dropping his Farstrider teachings, and picking up the teachings of the Paladin, as taught by the Humans of Lordaeron. However, the Elf managed to keep this a secret for over a century, until Xandiv finally caught on.

Needless to say, this infuriated Xandiv. However, the Elf was a patient man, and he waited patiently for the right opportunity to strike back at Tylan. When Tylan and Cindy had their first child, a boy by the name of Orolian Vythal Flamearrow, at the year 6515, Xandiv quietly waited for the child to be left alone, and moved in to sweep him away from the parents. He then kept him in a secret area, as he approached Tylan, and confronted him for his Paladin training. The Paladin didn't let Xandiv intimidate him, claiming that he should be free to pursue what he wishes. This provoked Xandiv to a bigger level, as none of his family members had ever dared talk back to him. He exiled both him, and Cindy from the Flamearrow Household, forcing them to find a home of their own.

To their confusion, upon searching for Orolian, Xandiv proclaimed that they no longer had the right to parent over the child, claiming that they are a disgrace for the Flamearrow name, and as punishment, he would be taking their child from them. This angered Tylan greatly, and as he extended his sword forward to try and attack Xandiv, he was immediately surrounded by Axel's New Blades group, forcing the Paladin to back off.

He left the building, claiming that he would have his son back, and together they would get revenge for the unjust atrocities Xandiv was plaguing on his family.

For many years, the Flamearrow Household once again lived in some form of relative peace. Each member was now a rather revered member within their respective Farstrider platoons, and the Flamearrow House was now gaining a reputation that would stick to the name for years to come. However, due to Xandiv's anger at Tylan, and how quickly he exiled him and his wife from the household, Vythrian, Xandiv II, and Silvanus were all very nervous to start a family of their own. It had been over a century since Tylan had married himself to his wife, and when he finally had a child after such a long wait, the fact that it was so easily taken away from him made the three brothers nervous. At this point, Tylan was now 213 years old, Vythrian was 211 years old, Xandiv II was 210 years old, and Silvanus was 209 years old. They are definitely at an age where they should have children, and Xandiv the older was getting impatient.

Much to his displeasure, Xandiv allowed his grandchildren to continue as they where, and began devising plans to manipulate Orolian into the perfect example of what happens to any who dare speak against him. Ten years after Orolian's birth, the boy was placed into hard physical labor, and continuous training designed for individuals twice his age. Xandiv also took it upon himself to place a brand on the Hunter, a crest similar to the Flamearrow Crest, but instead of two arrows standing tall, it had two broken arrows. The brand was placed on his back, as a reminder that he is under "special" moderation.

To further make himself known as a force to be taken seriously, Xandiv forced Morsos to be the individual who would have to make Orolian do all of these horrid acts. He armed Morsos with a whip, and stated that if Orolian lingered, that he was to be wiped. While Morsos did not enjoy the idea at all, Xandiv had specifically stated that he would take everything he cared for if he did not. Morsos was forced to comply.

By the age of 20, at the year 6537, Orolian had proven to be one of the most deadly Elves in all of Quel'thalas. Ten years of brutal training and labor had made the Elf completely void of emotions; he was known by his uncles as the boy with the black gaze. His eyes never blinking when making eye contact with anyone, as his entire life revolved around pleasing those that were superior to him.

Xandiv was pleased, but he was unsure. On a dark night, when Orolian was 21 years old, Xandiv sent two of Axel's New Blades to attack Orolian. The attackers were known as some of the best within the organization, and much to Xandiv's pleasure, they were both struck down with relative ease by Orolian. The Flamearrow Elf left the battle with minimal injuries - as the other two bodies laid on the ground with several maims and wounds along their bodies. This prompted Xandiv to continue the training, and for the next century, Orolian was trained into a weapon, every day and night.

At year 6637, when Orolian was now 121 years old, he had proved to be the strongest fighter out of the entire Flamearrow Household. His skills proved to be better than even Xandiv's, and the fact that he was nearly void of emotion made him perfect to be used as a weapon. Soon, Xandiv had begun sending Orolian in solo-missions to wipe out members of the Bleeding Gales who were displeasing in Xandiv's eyes. The Elf proved to be very effective in his missions. Always returning with good news, and never seeming to have many injuries.

The New Generation Edit

By year 6638, Vythrian (Now age 321), Xandiv II (Now age 320), and Silvanus (Now age 318) all had married. And they all had become more confident in finally having children of their own. Within the timespan of twenty years after year 6638, Vythrian had married himself to a woman by the name of Gaeriel [Who's maiden name has been lost] and had conceived two children: Siavel Flamearrow and Vythrian Flamearrow I. While Xandiv II had married a woman by the name of Alison Dawnheart, and conceived three children: Xandiv Flamearrow III, Morsos Flamearrow II, and Antonius Flamearrow. And finally, Silvanus had married Kyna Arshun, and conceived two children: Silvanus Flamearrow II, and Alerion Gaius Flamearrow II.

All of the Elves and their families had proven to be a great improvement to the Flamearrow Household - all except one. Kyna Flamearrow had proved to be a pain in Xandiv's back, as she would not let-off all of the atrocities that Xandiv was committing. No matter how many times Silvanus attempted to convince her otherwise, she would never listen, which created a slowly increasing hole within their relationship. When Silvanus II became old enough to understand things on his own, Silvanus the older forbid Kyna from filling Silvanus the younger's head with all of the things she was spitting about Xandiv. He warned her that if she made him angry, he would do the same thing that he did to Tylan and Cindy, but to Silvanus. This calmed Kyna down for a bit, but when Silvanus was twenty years old, and Alerion was now 15, she began counting stories to Alerion in private. Stories that would cause Alerion to have a great distrust to Xandiv for many years.

The Culling Edit

By the year 6640, as tension between Cindy and Tylan began to grow regarding their son's proper behavior, Xandiv had begun to undergo a secret mission which would annihilate the members of the Syn'Thal household. To no one's knowledge, Xandiv had began to research his own heritage, as he had finally figured out that the fact his father was the first Flamearrow, and wanted to know who else out there may share his blood. With the help of Axel's New Blades group, Xandiv summoned both Orolian Flamearrow, Turalyon "Axel" Bladescythe, and three of Axel's assassins to assault what was left of the Syn'Thal household. The reasoning behind the assassination is still a mystery to every member of the Flamearrow household -- as the only people involved are those directly undergoing the action. Xandiv had kept this mission very quiet; instructing Orolian and Axel to kill every Magister in the Syn'Thal house-line, and to capture the patriarch for torture and humiliation.

When the mission was enacted, Orolian Flamearrow was used as a sort of bait in order to lure the rest of the Syn'Thal household to him. As Orolian was forced to act diplomatic with the members of the Household, Axel and his three assassins had circled around, identifying every member present within the Syn'Thal manor. It was a rather loosely guarded House for a Noble line, but judging by how all of the members were Magisters, Axel figured they were probably arrogant and confident that they could fend off any intruders. The Magisters identified were Tythian Syn'Thal, High-Magister within the Silvermoon Magistrate; Byia Syn'Thal, wife to Tythian, and Magistrix to Silvermoon; Olia Syn'Thal, Magistrix for Silvermoon; Taylion Syn'Thal, Son of Olia; Raylie Syn'Thal, also son of Olia; and Patriarch Gaius Syn'Thal IV, husband to Olia, and leader of House Syn'Thal.

Six Magisters compared to the five assassins. The odds were in the Magister's favor, should this have been an honorable fight. Four of the Six Magisters were indoors; the only individuals that had decided to meet Orolian was Raylie and Taylion. Much to Axel's advantage, this made things easier. When Orolian had properly kept the two young Mages busy, Axel and his Assassins had sneaked their way into the Manor, finding all four Magisters, and quickly disposing of two of the four. Their actions were quick, however, one of Axel's assassins had failed to take out Olia without being caught. He suffered the consequences, and was killed off instantly -- only to have Olia run to the Patriarch in an attempt to save him. By the time she got to the Patriarch, it was too late. She was forced to flee the area, instantly teleporting before the remaining two assassins could finish her off as well. By this point, Axel had knocked the Patriarch unconscious, as he commanded his remaining two assassins to the door, where they managed to sneak on the two young Mages and kill them as well, using Orolian's help. They left the area as quickly as they had come when finished. The Patriarch their prize, as they returned to Xandiv. No one learned of this day; and Olia was left with a paranoid confusion as to who just managed to kill her family.


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Orolian Vythal Flamearrow (Head)

Son of Tylan and Cindy Flamearrow. The current head of the Flamearrow Military House. A current Ranger-Captain in the Farstrider Army. Working under Ranger-Lord Alorinis Bloodarrow as Ranger-Captain for the 2nd Farstrider Battalion, 22nd Platoon. He also Wardens over the Southern Quel'thalas Penitentiary and is the largest producer of offspring for the Flamearrow Family. Orolian is an affiliated member of the Elite Black Ops group known as the Wraith Heart Exiles. 

Avianara Flamearrow

Sister to Orolian Flamearrow, Avianara Flamearrow was, like her father, attracted to the trainings of the Naaru and the light. She became a Blood Knight when the time demanded it of her. However, her power eventually corrupted her mind, and she became a lustful attempt at taking lives for the sake of expressing how powerful she had become. She was put into a comatose state with the help of several magi and priests and hidden away somewhere in Quel'thalas. 

Lani'lea Flamearrow

Daughter of Orolian Flamearrow and Silinea Bloodwraith, and High Priestess of the Silvermoon Piesthood Covenant. A loud voice within the Flamearrow family, Lani'lea often finds herself setting up negotiations for her father when he is unavailable to do it himself. 

Mi Flamearrow

An adopted member to the Flamearrow House by Orolian Flamearrow and his Ex-Wife Hagiel Goldenhawk. A rather secluded voice within the Flamearrow Family. The boy has been missing for quite some time, and hasn't been found. 

Rika Flamearrow-Talonstrider

Daughter of Orolian Flamearrow and Asuri Rika Talonstrider, a trained Combat Monk of the Tiger-Style in the lands of Pandaria. A loud voice within the Flamearrow family, when present, Rika finds herself in Pandaria recently, attempting to help mend the damage Garrosh inflicted onto the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. 

Gin Lian Flamearrow

Son of Orolian Flamearrow and Hagiel Goldenhawk. A two year old boy, conceived months before Hagiel divorcing Orolian. 

Rindence Talonstrider-Flamearrow

Adopted son of Asuri Talonstrider, and taken into the Flamearrow Family by Orolian Flamearrow. Rindence, a Magi studying under the guidance of the Dalaran wizards. She has been missing for a long time, and hasn't been found. 

Integra Alyshia Flamearrow

Daughter of Lani'lea Dawn Flamearrow. A girl of only a few months, born right after Lani'lea's fiance ditched her.

Belisara Flamearrow

Daughter of Alerion Flamearrow-Arshun and Sophysa Dar'thiel. A girl of almost a year in age. Conceived during the battle of the Kun-lai mountains in Pandaria, born November 2013. 

Siavel Flamearrow

Daughter of Vythrian and Gaeriel Flamearrow, and cousin to Orolian and Alerion, an old member of the Dawnfury Concordant. Her current whareabouts are unknown. 

Deceased Members:Edit

Alerion Gaius Flamearrow

The Original leader of the Flamearrow Military House, and one of the first Ranger-Lords' of the original Farstrider Coalition. Alerion Gaius Flamearrow, originally known as Alerion Syn'thal, helped create the foundations required to ensure the Flamearrow's existance for over ten centuries.

Alerion was killed during a massive troll attack at the Flamearrow Manor. The Farstriders hired by Alerion and Evalysia managed to fend off the attackers, but not before seeing their masters dead on the ground when the aftermath had cleared. 

Evalysia Flamearrow (Maiden name: Dawnheart)

Wife to Alerion Gaius Flamearrow, and Ranger-Lieutenant of the original Farstrider Coalition. Evalysia Flamearrow acted as an advisor to Alerion during the building of the Flamearrow House. Ever patient and understanding, Evalysia ensured the survival of the House by keeping her husband in check. 

Evalysia was killed with Alerion after desperately defending their home from a massive troll attack. The entirety of the Flamearrow House (Farstriders hired to work for Alerion and Evalysia) managed to defeat the attackers but Evalysia was found dead.

Xandiv Flamearrow

Son to Alerion and Evalysia, Xandiv Flamearrow took over the Flamearrow Military House when Alerion and Evalysia were killed during a troll invasion on the Flamearrow Manor. Taking up the mantel with rage and hate in his heart, Xandiv whipped the Flamearrow House into a strict, high-expectancy Military House, ensuring that they only provided the perfect Farstriders. During Xandiv's reign House Flamearrow saw an exponential increase in wealth, as Xandiv did not care whether he followed ethical or legal laws in place. He was the second Flamearrow to reach the rank of Ranger-Lord (commanding over the 5th Farstrider Battalion ) within the Flamearrow Military House .

Xandiv was killed by Orolian Flamearrow after he reappeared from asylum 5 years after the end of the 3rd war. 

Threya Flamearrow (Maiden name: Sunspot)

Wife to Xandiv Flamearrow, Threya Flamearrow was a Ranger-Captain for the 5th Farstrider Battalion . She served Xandiv as an advisor, but as Xandiv dwelled deeper and deeper into his criminal activities, Threya ended up standing aside and watching him tear himself apart. 

Threya was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War

Morsos Flamearrow

Son of Xandiv and Threya, and Ranger-Captain of the 5th Farstrider Battalion. Morsos served as Xandiv's messenger and taskmaster. What Xandiv asked of him, Morsos would do, no matter how cruel it seemed.

Morsos was killed by Orolian Flamearrow after dabbling in Necromancy and allowing the necromatic tendancies to take control of him. 

Rayah Flamearrow (Maiden name: Seasong)

Wife to Morsos Flamearrow, and a Farstrider for the 5th Farstrider Battalion

Rayah was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War .

Tylan Flamearrow

Father of Orolian Flamearrow, and son of Morsos and Rayah Flamearrow, and Blood Knight of the 23rd Silvermoon Blood Knight Regiment, 13th Platoon. Tylan raised his kids with the belief that they did not have to follow their great-grandfather's requirements to become Farstriders, and could pursue what they wished.

Tylan was assassinated by Xandiv Flamearrow's 'New Blades ' underground group lead by Turalyon "Axel" Bladescythe

Cindy Flamearrow (Maiden name: Oakflash)

Mother of Orolian Flamearrow, and wife to Tylan Flamearrow. Cindy did not join the Farstriders upon becoming a member of the Flamearrow Military House. 

Cindy was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War .

Vynthrian Flamearrow

Son of Morsos and Rayah Flamearrow, and Farstrider within the 5th Farstrider Battalion

Vynthrian was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War .

Gaeriel Leros Flamearrow (Maiden name: -----)

Wife to Vythrian Flamearrow, and Farstrider withint he 5th Farstrider Battalion.

Gaeriel was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third war

Xandiv Flamearrow II

Son of Morsos and Rayah Flamearrow, and Ranger-Captain of the 5th Farstrider Battalion . A very prominent member within the Flamearrow Military House. Xandiv Flamearrow II often found himself being the most revered from his generation fo siblings.

Xandiv was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War .

Alison Flamearrow (Maiden name: Dawnheart)

Wife to Xandiv Flamearrow II; Alison did not join the Farstriders upon joining the Flamearrow Family through marriage.

Alison was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War .

Silvanus Flamearrow

Son to Morsos and Rayah Flamearrow, and father to Alerion Gaius Flamearrow-Arshun II . A Farstrider within the 5th Farstrider Battalion.

Silvanus was killed during the invasion of the Lich King on Quel'thalas during the Third War .

Kyna Flamearrow (Maiden name: Arshun)

Wife to Silvanus Flamearrow, and mother of Alerion Gaius Flamearrow-Arshun II. A Farstrider within the 5th Farstrider Battalion.

Kyna was assassinated by Turalyon "Axel" Bladescythe under Xandiv Flamearrow 's orders. 

Silvanus Flamearrow II

Son of Silvanus and Kyna, brother to Alerion Gaius Flamearrow-Arshun II and a Ranger for the general Farstrider Army.

Silvanus was killed during the Lich King invasion of Quel'thalas on the Third War .

Antonious Flamearrow

Son of Alison and Xandiv Flamearrow II, and a Ranger for the general Farstrider Army.

Antonious Flamearrow was killed during the Lich King invasion of Quel'thalas on the Third War .

Xandiv Flamearrow III

Son of Alison and Xandiv Flamearrow II, and a Ranger for the general Farstrider Army.

Xandiv Flamearrow III was killed during the Lich King invasion of Quel'thalas on the Third War .

Morsos Flamearrow II

Son of Alison and Xandiv Flamearrow II, and a Ranger for the general Farstrider Army.

Morsos Flamearrow II was killed during the Lich King invasion of Quel'thalas on the Third War .

Vynthrian Flamearrow II

Son of Vynthrian and Gaeriel, and a Ranger for the general Farstrider Army.

Vynthrian Flamearrow was killed during the Lich King invasion of Quel'thalas on the Third War .

Alerion Gaius Flamearrow-Arshun II (Co-head)

Son of Kyna and Silvanus Flamearrow. The current co-head of the Flamearrow Military House. A current Ranger-Captain in the Farstrider Army. Ex-Commander of the Dawnfury Concordant, and leader of the Shades of the Dawnfury Espionage Group (which has been scattered since the resignation to the Dawnfury Concordant by Alerion). A Ranger-Captain in the 5th Farstrider Battalion, 3rd Platoon. 

Alerion Gaius Flamearrow-Arshun II was killed by Morsos Flamearrow by a curse which would prove to be Alerion's end.  

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This story has been flushed out for over five years. Everything before Orolian's era was created for the purpose as background story, while everything during Orolian and Alerion's era are cannon, and were actual pieces of lore RP'd by players.

This page uses the Quel'thalas Foundation Calendar, starting -6841 years ago, with the foundation of Quel'thalas. It is depicted to, at Mists of Pandaria, to be at year 6841, while the King's Calendar is at 632.

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