House of Embershield
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Golden phoenix with a golden crown betwixt wings, on a coat of red.


"Fals Tor Di Talnu"


Emperor of Aurelia
Archduke of Quel'Anaris
Warden of Peace
Prince of Amastril


East Lowes


Arzalen Embershield
Telriah II Embershield
Teldranas Embershield





-5,212, E.C.
5,179 Years.

Ancestral Weapon

Shu Sorein

Military Strength

Approximately 80,000+

House Embershield is the ruling house of both the Aurelian Empire, as well as the Archduchy of Quel'Anaris, comprised of Quel'Anaris, Quel'venoraal, and Arcadia. House Embershield is of the race known as the Anasorein, or Dawn's Chosen, in their native tongue of Sevenoxana, the Tongue of the Dawn.

House Embershield is also known as a Great House, being respected across Azeroth for its military might, and peaceful nature outside of the faction conflict of the Alliance and Horde.

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Master-at-Arms Edit

Like any Noble House, House Embershield has a Master-at-Arms responsible for training new guardsmen, as well as the children of House Embershield in combat and weaponry.

Current Master-at-Arms: Sir Mordecai Kellor

Lord-Steward Edit

In the case that the Lord or Lady of House Embershield cannot perform their duties, the Lord-Steward takes up household command, ensuring all needs of the bannermen are answered, and other duties are finished as needed, such as patrol schedules, guard duty, filling of the larder with foods prior to winter, etc.

Current Lord-Steward: Johnathon Elsan

Captain of the Guard Edit

Whilst Lady Embershield can see to guarding herself, her people cannot. Thus, there lies a Captain of the Guard, who ensures that those under House Embershield are protected, as well as guarding areas such as the Embassy in Stormwind, and buildings of importance in East Lowes.

Current Captain: Sir Lorris Kellor

Vassal Houses Edit

The Vassals of House Embershield are oft divided between Minor and Great, rather than by race. As such, there is a great distinction between the Great and Minor Houses; A Great House is normally in charge of the greater facets of land. For example, House Sunshatter holds dominion over the arcipelago of Aloras'zune, whilst House Whitebriar rules over Arcadia of Quel'Anaris.

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Ironbane Edit

[For more info, see: Ironbane]

Ironbane is a blade made of Ember Iron under the ownership of Telriah Embershield the Second. Made in the Year 29, it has been in use for three years, and used in many battles. Like many Elven-Forged swords, each time it has been broken, it has only been made stronger.

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