An ancient house dating back to the time of the Queen's court. House Del'Var is led by Jerarld Del'Var as regent until Saren Del'Var can take up the duties of duke of the Sel'Belore Duchery located on the eastern coast of Eversong. Shrouded in ancient mythisism and rumors, House Del'Vars dark history is mixed with the aspect that several spymasters have come from the family of Del'Var. The Del'Var family is also the founding house of the Sin'Serrar, a group of spies and assassins known to work for the sunstriders and now the magistrate. Officially House Del'Var is simply a Duchery with losing power but gaining financial success with investments in shipping and their own wine trade. The house itself is home to several magistrate officials such as Grand Inquisitor Mirava Del'Var.

Played Characters in family:

Mirava Del'Var Darkfyre

Liska Del'Var

Rath Dawnfury

Airi Dawnfury

Linarah Del'Var

Marral Del'Var Darkfyre

Saren Del'Var Darkfyre

Aligez Del'var III

Aelyndra Del'Var


Del'Var Family Crest

House Rank: Duchery
Location: Sel'Belore, Eversong
Trade: Wine, Exports and    Information
Founder: Kath'remar Del'Var
Matriarch: Mirava Del'Var-Darkfyre
Patriarch: Jerarld Del'var (Regent of Saren)
Heir: Saren Del'Var-Darkfyre

Alegience: Farstriders

          The Sin'Serrar

          Thalassian Military

Alliances: House Highcrest

         House Flamearrow

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