House of Arenall

Coat of Arms

A blue flame on a field of orange


We Rise Above


Arenall Estate, Stormwind City


Viserth Arenall
Eillina Arenall (Contested)



The House of Arenall was a minor house in the city of Stormwind. Their land was very minimal and their influence was barely enough to keep the House functioning. Records of the House have largely been destroyed, so it is impossible to tell how and when the Arenalls were first elevated to nobility.

The last head of House Arenall was Viserth Arenall. He had only one child, Eillina Arenall, whom he refused to name as an heir to his title and estate. When Viserth was executed for treason, the House all but ceased to exist. To make matters worse, many of the records were later destroyed by sabotage. Vital information about who might have succeeded as the head of House Arenall, the funds left behind by Viserth, and the locations of House property were lost. Anything that remained was seized by the Crown and placed under the stewardship of the House of Ashcroft.

For several decades, the peasantry of Stormwind has largely avoided the Arenall Estate, believing it haunted. The name has passed into history as a bad memory and an example of nobility's lust for power taken to the extreme.

Potential ReturnEdit

Recently, Eillina has been convinced by her friend Meriahm Lausten to step forward and place a claim on the estate, the title, and the funds that remain. She petitioned the current head of House Ashcroft, and the two reached an agreement; Eillina will serve a period of time in the Stormwind Army while Lord Ashcroft petitions for the return of the Arenall name to her.

She is currently still serving the terms of her arrangement.