Hendrek Ashcroft, Baron of Northcliff
Hendrek Ashcroft

Date of Birth

593 K.C.


Captain of the Kul Tiran Fifth Fleet
Baron of Northcliff


Kingdom of Kul Tiras
Grand Alliance
House of Ashcroft

Previous Titles

Heir of Northcliff

Immediate Relatives

Baldrec Ashcroft (Father - Deceased)
Elizabeth Ashcroft (Mother - Deceased)
Malcem Ashcroft (Brother - Deceased)
Aurthur Ashcroft (Brother - Alive)
Ellrick Ashcroft (Uncle - Deceased)



 Hendrek Ashcroft is the son of the older Admiral Baldrec Ashcroft and the late Baroness Elizabeth Edinburgh. Hendrek currently serves in the Kul Tiras Marine as a Captain. His mother was from Kul Tiras and as such that is where he grew up while his father was serving overseas. He is currently the Lord of Northcliff, the land that his family has ruled over for years.

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