There are a number of different awards and medals that can be obtained while a Hellstrider. These are awarded to Hellstriders of any rank, for service in deployed areas, or acts of commendable service. Medals and Awards are given by the Hellstrider Ambassador.

Medals and Awards Edit

  • Hellstrider Wings of Freedom: This medal is given to those who complete selfless actions in duty for the greater good of their squad and their home.
  • Hellstrider Black Arrows: This medal is given to those who not only fought on the front lines, but fought in the back lines, relaying very important information and data to commanders.
  • Hellstrider Red Cross: This medal is given to the highly distinguished of the medical officers, that helped keep the other Hellstriders in the fight.
  • Hellstrider Campaign Medal: These medals are given in service of the Hellstrider that has taken part in the campaigns they were deployed to.
  • Hellstrider Commendation: This is given to those who aid the Hellstriders in their duty, whether by supply running or other.

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