Hall of Valhalla
Hov 4

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Horde Military

Guild Leader & Officers

GM: Ragnhildr/Axera Officers: Edacious, Amarieh, Ioulia, Heark, Endewyn, Alyndrya

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Lawful Good




Social, PvP/PvE/RP

Hall of Valhalla

After Death Knight Ragnhildr was liberated from the Lich King's enslavement, she was left broken and powerless. Knowing the suffering and injustice endured by both her people and those who fell victim, she vowed to rise against it till the bitter end. She began to gather followers for her cause, and upon this decision, the Hall of Valhalla founded. The guild became a regiment that recruits seasoned veterans and trainees alike for a common belief. Alongside the Argent Crusade of the Hearthglen, they engage in unrelenting warfare on multiple fronts for one main goal: to purge all of Azeroth of the Burning Legion's taint and the lingering Scourge threat.

The guild itself is based heavily off of Norse mythology (which Wrath of the Lich King has several hints of). All ranks, the symbol of the guild tabard, and some characters' names are related to Norse mythology. For example, Odin is the guild master's name, Aesir are the officers, etc. All roleplay-based information still agrees with the lore of the game, however. There is no requirement for roleplayers to embed the lore of the guild into their roleplay characters, but it is asked that they at least have the goal somewhat related to HoV's.

OOC Guild InfoEdit

  • Guild Contacts:  Guild Masters: Ragnhildr/Axera; Officers: Edacious, Amarieh, Ioulia, Heark, Endewyn, Alyndrya
  • Guild Races: All Races
  • Recruitment: Characters of all levels are welcome! Players should be at least 15. We are always looking for raiders as well as casual players to come join our little family. ♥
  • Content: PVE (currently running 10m), PVP, and RP.

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