IES Teldrassil
Gyphon-class Frigate(5th Rate)


Gryphon-class Frigate


30 guns


275 Sailors and Marines






3 inches Steel plating (forecastle/gun deck)
2 inches Ironwood Planking (waterline)

Date commissioned

August 27th, 628 K.C.

HMS Tedrassil is a modified Gryphon-class designed to fight a more hit-and-run style of combat, more suited to Night Elven naval combat. It is intended to replace the IES Fang's Wrath. The modified design is in response to past combat situations where the Gryphon-class was lacking in terms of speed, survivability, and stand off accuracy.

Stats Edit

Total guns: 30

Main Deck: 16 x18-pounder naval guns(Rifled)

4 x24-pounder Demi-cannons(Bow Facing, rifled)

Forecastle: 6 x8-pounder Demi-cannons

Quarterdeck: 4 x12-pounder naval guns.

Length: 145 ft

Draft: 19 ft

Displacement: 1100 Tons

Armor: 3 in Leystone Plate(Forecastle), 3 in Leystone Plate(Gun Deck), 2 ft Ironwood Planking(At Waterline)

Crew Compliment: 275 sailors and marines.

Currently Edit

Serving as Baron John von Hastings's flagship.

Date of Commission Edit

August 27th, 628 K.C.

Launch Date Edit

October 9th, 628 K.C.

Upgrades made from the Original design(Current/planned) Edit

Rifled cannons, Azerite Cannons x2(At a later date)

Modifications made(Outside of Upgrades) Edit

Reduced Gun Numbers(From 48 to 30), Reduced Crew (From 400 to 275), Reduced draft(from 21 ft to 19 ft), Reduced Length(From 160 ft to 154 ft)

Campaigns Edit

Campaign Date Results Ship Kills
Operation: Burning Stone October 10th, 38 L.C. Tactical Failure 1 Forsaken Warship