Gaytheil Sunstrike






Sunstrike (Fallen)








Andel Sunstrike (father, deceased)
Alaineian Sunstrike (mother, deceased)
Seratai Whiteblade (Sunstrike) (sister, deceased)
Moranai Sunstrike (sister)
Seylena Sunstrike (sister)
Sileyna Morningrey-Sunstrike (adopted sister)
Silahs Sunshot (Husband)
Seperia Whiteblade (Neice)

  • Name: Gaytheil Sunstrike
  • Age: 1241
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Hair: Raven Black
  • Eyes: Blue, Fel Tainted aura.
  • Skin: Pale
  • Notable Physical Features: Two dagger scars, one beneath each eye. None.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Allegiances: None


Gaytheil has raven colored hair that she keeps as straight as can be.  Raven black, she usually keeps her hair shoulder length and down, however can be seen once in a while with her hair back in a bun.  Her skin is as pale as the untouched snow in Northrend.  The contrast between her hair and skin is very noticeable.  She has three earrings: two on her left ear, one on her right.  These each represent her three sisters; Moranai, Seylena, and Sileyna.

Gayth has a few, possibly noticeable, scars to note.  Starting from beneath both of her eyes and extending to her jawline are healed dagger scars.  Other scars are lashes on her back, some more prominent than others and another that starts on her back and the other end on her abdomen.

Body new, Gaytheil’s hair, although the same color as her previous, was just past shoulder length and she had more now, fuller.  Full lips and very light tanned skin, she’s almost a carbon copy, so-to-speak, of her former self.  Slightly bigger tributes, she’s younger and more energetic because of it.  She no longer has scars to bear.


With interests involving death and decay, she is usually found to be more content in certain areas that are ‘gloomy’ or otherwise depressing to someone of a more sound mind.  Despite her dreary fascination, she’s a rather happy priest who keeps herself wrapped in shadows inside and out.

She’s also very lustful and will take most of any race to bed, if for nothing more than personal satisfaction.  She is a very big flirt, caring little about your gender identity or your race and faction.

  • Color: Black, red, and purple
  • Clothing: Usually some extravagant dress
  • Food:
  • Drink:
  • Books: Grimoires


The raven haired Priestess of the Shadows was born to Lord and Lady Andel and Alaineian Sunstrike, the second of four female children of the last true generation of the Sunstrike House.  Akin to shadow magic from her first accidental spell cast as a baby, Gaytheil was always fascinated with the darker side of the magical world.

Much of her free time was spent reading, learning, and causing choas in some form or fashion whereever she would be for the day.  She wasn’t entirely rowdy of a child, but she was much more active than one would think meeting the woman now, perhaps.

She wasn’t one who cared for wars or to help her fellow kin, but when it suited her, Gaytheil would use an alias name to join the army as a means to an end.  It wasn’t just magic and tricks she was being taught, she was being taught to be someone else as well.

During both the Second and Third War Gaytheil was barely seen, even by her remaining family.  She spent much of her time acting as another person to enter organizations, however brief.

Gaytheil was very close with her mother, Alaineian, until her death after the birth of the only boy she would ever conceive.  After the short life span of said boy, Gaytheil’s first instinct was to watch over her two younger sisters, Moranai and Seylena, and she took them as a mother figure.


The Argent Crusade (Formally)

Alliance, Horde, and NeutralityEdit

Gaytheil, although adored the Elven Prince, Kael’thas, avoided this new magic addiction cure most other elves jumped for.  She didn’t have the same addiction problem most did, but it was there.  Instead, she dug more into her shadows, curing her own addiction when needed.  Despite this, her remaining living family had followed Kael’thas faithfully, taking in the demonic energy to feed their addictions.  With this knowledge, Gaytheil remained as neutral as she possibly could between the new Alliance and Horde, often riding between Silvermoon and Stormwind.

With the help of Alorinis Bloodarrow, Gaytheil has citizenship papers that will help her step foot more often in Silvermoon.  However, she does not use these unless deemed necessary as to not overstep her boundary and betray the kindness from Alorinis.

May know if....Edit

  • Met her as Searina in the Argent Crusade
  • Knew her as a High Elf
  • You were invited to her marriage to Silahs Darkthorne
  • Was part of the capture and torture of her during the Dalaran Insurgency .


  • She is fluent in a few langauges: Common, Darnassian, Orcish, Thalassian (native).  She also has some understanding of: Dwarvish, Taurahe, and Nerubian.

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