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Gallows' Corner

The modern Gallows' Corner

Gallows' Corner (Otherwise Gallow's Corner) is a crossroads within the Alterac Mountains, near the Ruins of Alterac City. Since the fall of Alterac, the area has been held by ogres who patrol the Crossing.

It is also in close proximity to the Growless Caves, as well as the major settlement of the Crushridge Clan.

Before the Siege of Alterac Edit

Prior to the Siege of Alterac, Gallows' Corner was a small military holding of the traitor Kingdom of Alterac. Previously, the road leading into the Kingdom was walled off (As depcited in the Old Hillsbrad Foothills) from unwelcome outsiders. Although, it seems this wall has long since gone to ruin.

The small military outpost also held a watch tower, as well as a number of small tents, and defensive arrow launcher.

This location was a first line of defense leading to Alterac City, aside from the cities own palisades.

Currently Edit

As of recent, Gallows' Corner is still under constant threat of the Ogres who populate it, and also still in ruins Attempts to repopulate the area, spurred along by The Citrine Eagle have proven to be fruitful, aside from the constant attacks from the Crushridge Ogres that reside in the Crossing.

The Yeti's within the area have also been rumored to launch attacks on anyone who may attempt to pass to close to their caves, close to the Corner. They are also keen to attack ogre and man alike. Though, these assaults are likely rare.

Notable Locations Edit