Printed upon the backside of the handbill.

The Freedom Papers is a collection of pamphlets, broadsides, and handbills published under the name of Ranves Darn; a fanatical follower of Regent-Lady Hellissa Brisby and her liberal-progressive reforms.

The Freedom Papers were published in the early spring of 623 K.C. Directed mostly at the poor and downtrodden peoples of the Arathi Highlands, Stormwind, and the scattered enclaves of humanity in northern Lordaeron, the papers did much to spark controversy around the ascension of the Duchess Hellissa Brisby to the claimed post of Regent of the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

The papers, scattered primarily by secret print shops under the command of Ranves Darn, were dissiminated by traveling merchants and tradesman to many peoples throughout the north and south of the Eastern Kingdoms and were subsequently used by the merchants as the foundation for radical revolutionary speech and insurgent activity. The peak of this activity was witnessed in late March when, in a grand scheme, a fleet of several flying machines managed to drop leaflets and blare audio recordings of the speech to the massive throngs of spectators who had gathered in the reclusive Lordaerian state of Blackmarsh to witness a tournament held by Queen-Claimant Madelynne I.

Shortly after the publication of the third pamphlet of the Freedom Papers, publication of the series mysteriously ended. Within a matter of weeks many of the itenerate merchant revolutionaries under the employ of Darn were captured by local authorities or forced to flee to Brisby's lands. Today many of the supporters who were disappointed with the sudden end of their revolution, have since relocated to the territories ruled by Regent Brisby.

Collected WorksEdit

Hope & Change for the Kingdoms of the Future

Words of Freedom

Freedom Rises

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