Flintridge Manor

Flintridge Manor is the primary manorial estate of the County of Eastvale. Built by the House of Flintridge after the Second War the picturesque country home stood as the family's center of administration for many years. Eventually, as the wealth of the Flintridge's grew, the manor was converted into a summer home as the residents moved to Stormwind City.

The home was also the site of the Mistmantle Massacre, an incident where Stalven Mistmantle, the family's tutor, murdered the entire Flintridge family upon learning that the daughter he had been mentoring had no love interest in him. In the years after the murder of the Flintridges the house stayed under the charge of Marshal James Haggard, a retired military man from the Stormwind army who was assigned the task of administering the day to day activities of the county.

On January 31, 623 K.C. the County of Eastvale was released from the administration of the King and granted to Erich Gottfried Manstein, a baron from Stormwind and ruler of the nearby Barony of Faulkenburg. The manor has since become the residence of the House of Manstein in Eastvale, with Marshal Haggard staying on as executive administrator of the county's affairs.

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