First Alliance Battalion




Adroby Relindor

Second in Cmd

Darith Isenhammer




(See The Stormwind Guard)

This article refers to the First Alliance Battalion, reformed from the Stormwind Guard. Please visit this page for the History behind the guard

The First Alliance Battalion of the Seventh Legion was transfered to the Seventh from the Stormwind Guard on behalf of the High King Varian Wrynn.

The battalion focuses on securing Alliance Lands abroad, and safeguarding the Alliance Homeland. The Elite force of special operative soldiers are task as well with dealing a brunt of damage towards the Horde in tactical-like missions.


Late summer, scouts and reports had informed the High King that the Horde threat was at it's peak. Still lacking in men from the loss at the Wrathgate, the Kingdom required all the men it could spare. With Stormwind having been secured, and safe, attention could now be diverted to more pressing matters... The Horde and their encroachment on Alliance Lands.

The Stormwind Guard was reformed thus so, with Marshal Adroby Relindor as head, seconded by Commander Lilliah Raith. Officers were Lieutenants Darith Isenhammer, and Ramon Elrid, along with Sergeant David Hanel, Farthen McLain, and Silva Nightfrost, an old member from Lamentes' days as the Colonel of the Guard. Members from the Guard rtained their ranks during the reformation.

The First Alliance Battalion was first tasked with the initial push into Pandaria. The elite traained handfull of Battalion members flew on the newly commisioned Skyreaper to Pandaria. There they led an assault against a majority of Horde bases, Re-capturing a major airfield that was once the Alliances, and relieving the siege of Thunder Hold from the Hordes vicious weapons of war. After this victory they pulled out as reinforcements poured in on the shores of Pandaria. With the Horde weakened, their job was done, and it was now the turn of the Grunts that were the Soldiers of the Alliance to do their job at Lions Landing.

After this small assignment, there was a rather big reform within the ranks. Commander Lilliah Raith aand Lieutenant Ramon Elrid resigned. Newly promoted Captain Darith Isenhammer, was swiftly brought up to the rank of Commander to aid with the transition. New Lieutenant Farthen McLain was given the rank of Captain, to ensure proper structure remain. The others at Sergeant and Lieutenant ranks and below remained unchanged.


The First Alliance Battalion is currently active, and open to new operatives.

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