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The Fifth Fleet of the Kul Tiras Navy was commanded by Admiral Zypherion Nikolai for two years before he passed on command to Brigadier General Thorband D. Fortindun. It fielded a sizable unit of marines that took part in the defense of Tiragarde Keep before it was destroyed during the Cataclysm. The current ranking officer of the Battalion is Brigadier General Aredath Balar.

Battalion HistoryEdit

The 2nd Battalion was formed after the First War to safeguard the newly-build Fifth Fleet. The Battalion served in both Naval and land engagements in Lordaeron and Kalimdor during the Second War, championing the cause of Kul Tiras and affiliates, The Commandant of the Corps at this time was Zypherion Nickolai.Later, while the Lord Admiral lead the majority of Kul Tiras' forces to Kalimdor, and would eventually meet his demise- the 2nd Battalion was in Stormwind as guards to an embassy sent there. Upon the Lord Admiral's death Lord Admiral Tandred Proudmoore re-deployed the military of Kul Tiras, and the 2nd Battalion took on a semi-permanent role in Stormwind- where it's recruitment station is now set up.

In the years following the Third War, the Battalion was deployed against Pirates, Naga, Murlocs and Horde operations throughout Azeroth. In the final months of the War against the Scourge in Northrend, during which the renegade Prince Arthas was defeated, the Commandant Zypherion Nikolai was given a promotion to a Command Position on Boralus, where he remains to this day.

Commander Thorband D. Fortindun was given command of the Battalion- he lead the force in police action on Kul Tiras itself, helping to rebuild from the effects of the Cataclysm. Afterwards, the Regiment was re-deployed to Kalimdor to help spearhead Theramore's renewed battle against the Horde. The Fifth Fleet Marines of Kul Tiras served for several tours in Kalimdor after Lord-Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's death, leading raids on The Crossroads, Razor Hill, and several other outposts of the New Horde. The Fleet has been deployed to Kalimdor several more times through the ages most notably during the Alliance invasion of Orgrimmar, working with several other military forces to bring down the Orcish tyrant Garrosh Hellscream.

Fortindun lead the Fleet and its Marines for a number of years post-Invasion of Orgimmar. With a ton of successful operations under his belt, he returned to Kul Tiras and took a leave of absence. The 2nd Battalion was then placed under the command of Brigadier General Aredath Balar who had served in the Fifth Fleet a few years prior. General Balar immediately began a mass recruitment effort as he spearheaded a campaign in the North against pirates and Forsaken alike.

Ranks of the FleetEdit

In the Kul Tiras Marine Corps, rank represents more than the chain of command. Marines constantly strive to achieve, and every success demonstrates commitment to the Corps and to fellow Marines. Each Marine Corps rank confirms that the men and women wear it have earned greater responsibility and leadership.

(Ranks are worn on the Guild Tabards. Officer ranks (Made of metal) are pinned to the upper-right corner of the tabard, while the Enlisted (Patched) are already on the Tabard. Marines whom are promoted to the rank of Enlisted are to be presented a new Tabard, of appropriate rank. The enlisted patches are also viewed on the upper-right corner.)

Admiral of the FleetEdit

The Admiral of the Fleet is the head of the Fifth Fleet. Various people have held this position in the past and because of the Fifth Fleet's uniqueness, it has been held by both Fleet and Corps officers. The Current C.O. of the Fleet is Admiral Thorband Fortindun. In his absence it is commanded by Vice Admiral Dartlic Boreal.

Battalion Commanding Officer Edit

The commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion is head of the infantry forces attached to the Fifth Fleet. Currently the fleet defers to this position for leadership. The current Battalion Commanding Officer is Brigadier General Aredath Balar.

Fleet CouncilEdit

The Fleet Council is made up of all the Field Grade Officers of the Fleet. The Council are those who have been promoted to such ranks as Colonel and Major by the Commanding Officer to serve as the most senior officers in the Battalion. The Fleet Council also assumes responsibilities of command when the C.O. is absent or incapacitated.


Captains are officers of the Fleet and they are the men and women who lead the Marines into battle. They take orders from the C.O., and the Fleet Council. Many have certain specializations or certain skills that make them eligible for a leadership role. In order to serve in such a position one must have shown great dedication to the Marines and been active in their past duties.


Lieutenants are junior officers of the Fleet, they answer to the Captain's for orders. They assist the Captains in various things such as battles, combat and tactics and the care of the men and women of the Fleet. These men and women have shown their devotion to the Marines and as a result have been entrusted with the officer role.


Sergeants are standard Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) of the Fleet. They take orders from their senior Lieutenants and are in charge of various things in the Marines such as: Drills, Training exercises and discipline. In order to become a Sergeant a Company Grade Office has to recommend the selected person to that rank.


Corporals are the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Marines. They report to the Sergeants above. The rank of Corporal proves that you have shown your skills and abilities to many of the leaders in the Fleet and you earned yourself the rank.


Privates are the normal members of the Fleet who make up the bulk of the forces. They have shown that they are an asset to the Fleet and are capable of serving the Kul Tiras Navy.


Cadets are new members of the Marines who have just joined. In order to advance they must prove themselves worthy fighters, healers, pilots, engineers, etc.

Out-of-Character InformationEdit


The Second Battalion of the Fifth Fleet is the expeditionary force of the Naval Kingdom of Kul Tiras. Due to Kul Tiras' conservative stance on matters within the Grand Alliance, only races native to the Eastern Kingdoms and the Alliance of Lordaeron are allowed to join. This includes: Humans, Dwarves, Worgen, and sometimes Gnomes. If you are interested in joining please visit our website for more information regarding the guild or speak to one of the officers in-game.


Aredath(Guild Master)

Thorband (Officer)

Castandrahh (Officer)

Dartlic (Officer)