The fields of Hardrew

The fields of Hardrew refer to the area directly south of the Gilnean city of Duskhaven, located along the southern coast of the Gilnean peninsula. Hardrew is composed primarily of farmers and sailors, several small towns being the focus of population. Despite the total land mass only being about a fifteenth of Gilneas, the peoples of Hardrew constitute a unique subculture of Gilneas, primarily distinguished by their worship of Deus. At the time of the wall's constuction, Gilneans expressed an overwhelming belief in the Light, as seen by the gothic cathedral constructed at the center of Gilneas City.

The Fields of Hardrew are officially part of the King's Desmesne of Gilneas, which encompasses Duskhaven, Gilneas City, and portions of Stormglen. Hence the King can make descisions concerning the people of Hardrew without consulting the council of nobles. The fields are characterized by a lack of trees, mountains, rocky cliffs, and an abundance of ferns and peat. 

Historically, its people have professed allegiance to the line of Kings of Gilneas, and the King has reciprocated in allowing for the various peoples of the territory to continue Dues-worship through the momentous changes that brought the Light to be the major religion of humans. 

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