Fawn Holmwood
By Astri Lohne.


INV Tabard Kultiran Kul Tiran Human


Fawn Reviers
19th September
Inv tourofdutydrustvar Drustvar, Kul Tiras


Stonecairniconsquare House BexleighSpymaster



Argus Campaign

Blood War


Alexander MarogosSpouse


Chaotic Neutral

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

Fawn Holmwood is a Kul Tiran of noble descent. Born out of the wintery reaches of Drustvar, her life has been an array of adventure and chaos since she was able to walk on her own.

Her resume is both plentiful and eclectic, but not exactly immaculate. With roots in archaeology, the first half of her life so far was marked with adventure and mischief until she fell prey to the piracy stereotype of her country. Eventually apprehended for her crimes, she's spent the years since leading something of a permissible lifestyle in an effort to repent for previous villainy.

Although her inclination for the surreptitious reaches of society has not ceased, Fawn strives to channel what experience she's gained from her prior devilry into efforts in subterfuge and infiltration.

Outward Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

Fawn is the type of character you can't really control. People have tried—her house, past and current partners, her friends. She's volatile, an inferno that blazes far too immense, and will definitely drag others down with her if caught in her orbit.

She grew up with money, resenting every bit of nobility that came with it. Her parent's expectations, their pretension, their meetings and their politicking—Fawn didn't just act out, she ran leaps and bounds away from the image they forced upon her. Most of Fawn's childhood memories consist of running into the woods and staying there for the day, frolicking with nature and avoiding the beckoning calls of her family.

Most of that is still ingrained in her; she's overwhelmingly independent and prefers her own company, though - after a life of building her career - she views wealth as a show. Financially irresponsible, she's frivolous and loose with her wealth, while simultaneously swathing herself in it.

Fawn isn't objective-minded; she enjoys doing whatever she wants with little consideration for the consequences, and that's how she's always been. Her temper rests on a short-fuse that is slow-burning, but once that fuse runs out, she's biting and venomous; her tongue doesn't know how to swallow her words and her mind rarely allows consideration of them. Emotions are meant to be a dulled dagger—not wielded to do harm, but to incite the threat of such—but for Fawn, they are tempests that roil in haphazard maelstroms.

She doesn't make it difficult for people to like her presence; she can be your friend, your drinking buddy, or your partner in crime, yet she won't hold your hand. Unless you mean something to her, she's kind of unavailable; as mercurial as the tides, she's not very good at the concept of all-encompassing responsibilities. In matters of work, she's either all-too apathetic or all-too uptight - there's not much of an apparent mezzanine. 

Overall, Fawn may be in a position of accolades, but that does not mean that her character is deserving of them. Underneath layers of honor is a pureblooded rapscallion, bent on her own path and intent to act out of her own benefit. However, something within her stirs a disturbance in the tides–something warm, something sound, something good.

Historical Records Edit

Much of Fawn's official records are considered classified by Stormwind Intelligence and are hidden behind various levels of confidentiality. However, some aspects of her life are known publicly, whether through association or general fame.

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  • Records date back to 31 years ago; a child by the name of 'Fawn Reviers' was born in the midst of a storm at sea to Admiral Edmond Reviers and Lady Emilia Glasscote. She is the second-youngest of four children.
  • Reports of the same name show underneath known marksmen and hunters in the area, indicating some form of apprenticeship.
  • Fawn's name appears once more under the work of an archaeological company out of Boralus; listed as a 'guard', she eventually is titled as an 'archaeological assistant' to a professor on the crew. Three years later, the company dissolves following a leadership dispute in the Hall of Explorers.
  • A year and some months following are spent under the auspices of an adventuring company, where Fawn is titled to be a director and quartermaster. During this time, she acquires two ships: The Drifter's Fortune and The Phantom's Hearth.
  • All records of her activity during this time abruptly cease following a submitted resignation from the aforementioned company.
  • They continue once again with an arrest of one 'Fawn Holmwood', believed to be a false alias, and a Karkand Porter. All crimes are waived by SI:7 Commander Damian Blackbourne, who then filed their reports as classified.
  • The Citrine Eagle, League of Lordaeron and the 177th acquire applications for enlistment at various times throughout the following years. Her name doesn't dawdle in any organization for an extended period of time, though she was listed as an active participant in the conflict against the Burning Legion.
    • During this time, she made frequent visits to Pandaria and associated with the monks residing there.
  • On the brink of the Blood War, Fawn Holmwood reappears under the auspices of Joel Bexleigh's Stone Cairn Company and is listed as a councilor within its ranks. It is safe to assume her position as a spymaster, though such is not outwardly stated.
  • There are reports that Fawn participated in the Siege of Lordaeron alongside her Alliance kin. Immediately following, she returned to Kul Tiras to aid in efforts to remedy the conflict that plagued her homeland.
  • Since the aforementioned incident, there have been no reports of her involvement with Alliance or Kul Tiran engagements. Those known to be connected to her claim she is missing in action, yet this is merely an assumption.