Sir Farnes "Lakhan" Lyon,

Of Duskwood


Knight of House Garibald




Blade of the Dawn

Date of Birth

16 B.P.


House of Garibald
Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored

Sir Farnes Lyon is a bastard-born former border knight and sworn sword of Orazio Garibald. A tall, gaunt man typically donned in dark armor, he has earned honors in countless campaigns: first against the Orcs and Stranglethorn Trolls under the banner of Stormwind, then against the Forsaken and other Horde monstrosities under the banners of House Garibald and House Albrecht.

Though of low birth, Farnes' heroism in the war against the Orcish invaders earned him an honorary knighthood, as well as an education by Stormwind's Church. Now a Paladin, he assisted Lordaeron in the Second War and returned to Duskwood after his kingdom's reclamation. It was there that he undertook the campaign of clearing out every troll from within Stormwind's borders, earning himself the nickname "Lakhan" from his own adversaries. After swearing loyalty to Baron Orazio Garibald, the now-landed knight has proven himself gallant and stalwart in Her Majesty's service.