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Blood Magistrix


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Sorenos Bal'Shaw (Brother)
Savinnia Dawnrose (Daughter)



Bloodmagistrix Ellystra Dawnrose, is a noble Sin'Dorei woman who has made her name with her wealth and status among her Sin'Dorei peers. She is the owner of two large estates, with numerous libraries and Apprentices at her disposal. Manor Sunwraith is being run by her during High Magister Sunwraith's absence, and Manor Dawnrose is being occupied by her, her former Master, and a powerful Apprentice who goes by the name Esarus.

Magistrix Dawnrose holds a dark philosophy and it is well known for the reputation that much like under her former Masters, her training Apprentices tend to vanish.


At a first glance one may make note of Ellystra’s hair that extends to her waist. it is a bright white, almost to the point of it being blinding to the onlooker. She keeps it straight on almost all occasion and makes sure to give it an illustrious shine, which adds even more of a sheen to her bright hair.
Like her hair, her skin is also a pale, sickly white, though not as bright. Rarely would her skin change to a darker pigment, even if standing under the sun, and if any change has occurred, it is unobtrusive and dissipates within an hour.
Ellystra appears to have a young figure, and this does not betray her. She is in fact, small frail and easily broken. This is evident from various small scars around her body, but, despite how feeble she is, she has not experienced any mortal injury nor bears any scars larger than a single inch.
Her extremities are always kept polished and cleanly. Never would one find her performing menial tasks that would sullen her looks. She keeps the most care to her fingernails and her eyes. Ellystra’s nails are white and manicured to be as bright as her hair and she makes sure that they are are filed and kept in order. Her eyes hold an enrapturing pulchritude, and out of the two, she keeps more care to her eyes. They are a bright fel-green and give off an aura of power that captures her servants


At her side she carries a Fel-tinted dagger, or a red-crystalized staff her favorite weapons. Several crystals and shards hang around her neck on golden chains.Which she uses for the summoning of her demons, demonic circles, portals, and soulwells, or the plain and simple enhancement of her spells.


Elly Esarus colored
Ellystra’s main garb, of which she also makes use for battle, is a dark-green (almost black) robe-spaulders combination. Her robe begins splits off right around her breasts and then converge at her waist, revealing her abdomen. From the edges of her robe are spikes that point towards the other side of the robe. Her spaulders also have similar spikes and in the center is a dark-green orb that suspends and rolls around freely.
Beyond her normal dress, Ellystra has a large wardrobe and dons an assortment of alluring robes for when she relaxes. All of these, including her battle-wear are enticing and meant to show off her complexion by either expressing certain areas or showing off some of her skin.


Not seen - Down her right leg is a single line of blue runes of moderate size that extend to her ankle written in an indecipherable tongue (so much so that one would say it is gibberish). They are etched on the outward side of her leg and have a soothing blue glow.
Not seen - An insignia-esque tattoo on the left side of her chest, above the heart.
Seen - Recently, she is bearing a tattoo around her left eye that extends outwards to the upper-left and converges on a single point two inches from her eye. A single line of runes, which are extremely minuscule, extend from the bottom of her eye to the tattoo on her chest.


Because of her feebleness Ellystra tends to boast and speak with confidence and cynicism even in light conversation to assert her dominance and prove that she is capable of defending herself. She is phlegmatic, prideful, self-absorbed, and taunting. Do to her narcissistic nature she tends to stray from other human interaction, and most interaction with her are not because she is amused by the person, but it is so she can obtain more test subjects.

Ellystra has a seductive allure around her that entices those around her. Not only does she do this for the enjoyment of watching men, and women, give lecherous looks at her body, but it is also for her defense. Like a seductress, she tempts enemies in with taunts and her looks and then assaults them with incantations, and her specialty, curses.


Ellystra Dawnrose, also known as Ellystra Bal'Shaw is a proud Sin'Dorei Warlock, who has been graced with a talent in afflicting her targets with both curses and diseases. At her side, though not within the walls of Silvermoon you will commonly notice the deformed appearance of a Fel Hunter, the faint aura of a Succubi, or the plain and simple trickster personality of her Imp.
Elly Drak

Ellystra Dawnrose with one of several Magisters she studied with, art by Genoeva-Wolf.

Elly spent her younger years studying the arts and manipulation of the Arcane. With the fall of Silvermoon however she was sent to the Dawnrose Manor by her father. It wasn't long until she immersed herself in the shadows of illness, finding much pleasure in the slow death of her targets. Taking note of her mindset and ideals, Magister Dawnrose introduced Elly to a Priestess of Shadow. As a sign of acknowledgement and respect Ellystra Bal'Shaw took on the last name of her Master and teacher, changing her name permanently to Dawnrose.

Elly and Vatharyn

Ellystra with Vatharyn Sunwraith, by Genoeva-Wolf

After the investigation and fall of High Magister Vatharyn Sunwraith, Elly quickly rose to the task of leading the Caster division of the Dominion, as well as supporting and continually implementing the Sunwraith idea and objective. Through the leadership of the Magistrix, the Regiment quickly gained numerous Warlocks, who like her, followed a much darker philosophy.

Having finally reached her peak of power and influence she retired from her officership and had set her goal to more personal gains once again, such as the usage of the Reliquary in the retrieval of magical artifacts and the study of using magical tools to harness the power of other individuals.

Childhood Edit

Ellystra was born to servants of House D'anan. Her father, who saw the girl as more of a nuisance than anything else eventually sold her to the Masters of Manor Dawnrose. Ellystra who had developed a friendship with the two children of Vynastel D'anan, the patriarch of House D'anan, had been studying the arcane alongside them in secrecy, so when her father sold her to the Dawnrose estates originally as a slave she surprised it's Master with her knowledge. Sensing her thirst for more knowledge he began to teach her the art of fire manipulation which some rumored to be darker and far more demonic in nature than original pyromancy. Excelling in her studies Master Dawnrose offered the woman knowledge in curses and afflicting targets with illnesses from afar.

When Master Dawnrose no longer had anything to offer his apprentice in studies he made the decision to introduce Ellystra to a Forsaken shadow Priestess. The Priestess was the source of Ellystras first contact with Necromancy and mind altering techniques.

Mystery of Dawnrose Manor Edit

Much to the surprise to the other apprentices of Master Dawnrose he suddenly handed his estates to his student Ellystra, many rumored that she had deployed the tactics of mind control she was taught by her Forsaken companion. The former Master remained at the estates and still resides there serving Elly, who in his honor changed her name to Dawnrose, leaving her servant name Bal'shaw behind.

High Magister Sunwraith Edit

Through various contacts, High Magister Vatharyn Sunwraith of the Regiment formerly known as the Dominion of the Sun received knowledge of Elly, interested in taking her as a possible apprentice he summoned her to the Sunwraith estate and offered her more knowledge, training, and appropriate test subjects. Elly bowed to the thought of apprenticeship once more in turn for more power. Because of the influence of High Magister Sunwraith, Ellystra gained a more devious mindset then previously held, aiding the Sin'Dorei noble with the riddance of less worthy students, and in turn once more gaining greater support from House Sunwraith. Under this Sin'dorei noble Ellystra began to further her knowledge in demonology, regularly performing test on the beasts Vatharyn provided her with.

Opening the Doors to ApprenticeshipEdit

Ellystra much like the High Magisters before her has taken on numerous apprentices. All of which seemed to be a
Elly Esarus Resize

Ellystra and Esarus.

failure in one way or another. She has high expectations of the men and women who choose to work and learn at either the Sunwraith or Dawnrose estates. Recently while contemplating over several books she had read she stumbled over a former Priest whom shared the same history in past Regiments as her, his mind was weakened enough for Ellystra to start a new set of devious plans. Through manipulation and addiction she converted the man to the darker paths of Warlocks, and has gained herself a most loyal Apprentice who excells beyond her expectations. Not only has Esarus, her Apprentice, taken on the studies of Demonology, but he has also a strong interest in Necromancy and the Magistrix herself.

Together these two have siphoned the demonic essences of several corrupted creatures and used them for their own strengths. [WiP]

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