Eldaarth Shadowcross
Eldaarth Tire
Eldaarth somewhere in Stormwind. ( Art by Pulyx. DA. )


IconSmall NightElf Male Kaldorei


18th Sep., -1071 P.C., (Age: 1700)


Rogue crest Smuggler
InkTattoo Tattoo Artist
Ebc0809d73992563f21cdb8f81b283dd Assassin
Gold-coin Unlicensed Boxing Promoter
KaldoreiBanner Sentinel (Reservist)


Alliance 0f1a1f 126 626600 06 767224The Vesalius (Current)
Crows Crows (Previously)
Uncrowned insignia The Uncrowned
Ebc0809d73992563f21cdb8f81b283dd The Assassin's League
KaldoreiBanner Sentinel Army




Darthaan Wileglare (Father)
Shal'yn Shadowcross (Mother)
Marveth Shadowcross (Brother)
Valdryn Wileglare (Brother)
Isole Shadowcross (Sister)
Atieri Shadowcross (Sister)


Chaotic Neutral





Despite frail evidence tracing Eldaarth Shadowcross' origins back to a gypsy upbringing in Isildien, the vast majority of his background remains undiscovered.

Nowadays a personage in the underground, the elf keeps his true career hidden behind a profile as a tattoo artist.

Description Edit

At the peak of physical fitness, doyenly patriarchal.

Most noticeable was the ink-work covering his frame, namely the sleeves of green patterns coursing down his arms.

History Edit

  • Childhood

Growing up among the ruckus innate to gypsy clans and the illegal cabals and brawls festering across Isildien, Eldaarth indulged in the commotions of the underground at the earliest of ages.

  • Life in the Army

Yet through certain legislation enforcing military conscription, the young elf enrolled in the army upon reaching his younger adult years.

Set under the charge of Scout-Commander Serethas, Eldaarth would grow into an accomplished outrunner of the Feralassian military.

However, three centuries of diverging moral path between the pair would ultimately lead to the elf's departure from the unit.

  • "Quel'nor"

Eldaarth's leave of the army soon transitioned to his arrival in darker institutions. Indeed, quick was he to find his place among the world of organised crime, namely in the ranks of the Third Segment; a union of outlaws who'd set their focus on the management of a blackmarket dominating the scene of Southern Kalimdor's contraband industry.

  • The notorious Fall

Despite a hasty ascendance amongst the consortium's echelons, Shadowcross's period of success was short-lived for triumph harnessed opposition from rival syndicates and authorities alike.

When confronted to the inevitable downfall of the group's business and the likelihood of succumbing to this overthrow, the Segment's heads opted for an escape North in hopes on maintaining their trade and influence from a safer location. Yet there were some among the order who feared failure and the reprisal it would warrant, leading them to unravel such plans to constabulary institutions in hopes of being spared whatever punishment awaited the rest of the organisation. The bulk of the Third Segment would be massacred a few moons later upon emerging from a mountain pass, mere hour into the wastelands of Desolace.

  • A blank century
Tattoos Eldaarth 2

"Ancient Inkwork." Art by CircuitDruid, DA.

Eldaarth was amidst the few to be captured and sentenced to a full century of jail-time in the Hyjal Barrow Dens. There, he learned the trade of tattooist; and though originally spending hours on the craft as a means of killing time, he would soon grow and develop an unmatched talent for the art.

  • The War of the Shifting Sands

The year -975 L.C saw the onset of the Qiraji Wars. Three quarters of a century served, Eldaarth's penitentiary sentence was remitted in exchange for his return to the army, sending him in a vanguard unit partaking in little frontline activity. Heavily employing methods of guerilla warfare, the crew's task of impairing routes proved crucial when retreating elven forces evaded pursuing Qiraji insectoids, slowed down by the strategically laborious terrain.

The days of havoc grazing precariously close to defeat would ulitmately see the Kaldorei and their dragon allies victorious. Once again granted his freedom, the now-ranked First Sergeant made his way back south.

  • The Stygian Baron

Eldaarth still held a pronounced allegiance to the underground, leading to the Sin'Tole's creation. The syndicate partook mainly in contraband transportation and would dissimulate such activities behind those of a legitimate shipping company named Stygian Exports.

The ports of South Eastern Kalimdor were a melting pot for illegal business during lengthy centuries until the Grand Alliance's fomation, and the large underground drift to the Eastern Kingdom that ensued. Subsequently, Eldaarth and a handful of the syndicate sailed off to Booty Bay and established the shop and stash for contraband Stygian Shipping, marking Shadowcross' first foothold on this new continent's underground market.

Ranks, Titles and Awards Edit

  • Ranks
• First Sergeant of the 19th Feralas Infantry ( Sentinel Leader ) • Lieutenant of The Crows ( Resigned ) • Advisor of The Vesalius • Founding Member of the Sin'Tole • Ravenholdt Instructor ( Disbanded ) •

  • Awards
• The 'Silver Glaive' for military service to Kalimdor in times of war. • The 'Scarab Cross' for military service in the War of the Shifting Sands. • The 'Outrunner's Ribbon' for distinguishing himself by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy. • The 'Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal' for military service during the Iron Horde invasion. • The 'Broken Isles Campaign Medal' for military service on the Broken Isles. •

  • Titles
• Maga [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Eldaarth's backstory OOCly spans across various Role-playing platform over the course almost 10 years. As a result, most of what you've just read has been ICly played out. ( And adapted to fit the Warcraft canonical. )
  • I only wrote his story up until the events of Vanilla WoW. The stories that happened during that expansion and the ones that followed may perhaps be added in the future.
  1. "The Accomplished"