Edgar von Steelmane
The Dark Lord, silently watching... Waiting...



Year of Birth


Place of Birth

Alterac City, Alterac


The Dark Lord
The Laughing Shadow
The Ripper
Cannibal Ed
He Whom Bares No Face


Legendary Criminal Kingpin
Grand Admiral of the von Steelmane Armada
Leader of the Criminal Underworld


The Steelmane Gang
The Criminal Underworld
The Defias Brotherhood (Formerly)


Presumably atheist


Tandrious von Steelmane (Father - MIA)
Sydney Whiteflower †(Mother)
Elza von Steelmane (Spouse)
Nokami von Steelmane †(Ex-Spouse)
Caisle von Steelmane †(Son)
Daladis von Steelmane (Brother)
Hossen von Steelmane †(Brother)
Morvis von Steelmane †(Brother) Wolfgang von Steelmane (Adopted-Brother)


Neutral Evil



  Lord Edgar von Steelmane is the current Kingpin and Director of the Steelmane Gang, an organization that, unofficaially, roots back centuries dedicated to organized and brutal crime, and the current head of the noble Alteracian house, House von Steelmane, which is based around the upper regions of the Alteraci Mountains, in an unknown location. He is an infamous, practically legendary criminal figure throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and in parts of Kalimdor. Lord von Steelmane is known to fund various criminal organizations, plus a series of narcotics rings and most recently has it been observed that he is the driving force behind Steelmane Gang's return from dormancy.


The tall, Gothic themed man lurking in the corner of your eye is nothing short of dangerous. The man, or 'thing,' behind that mask, who constantly glares through you from his corner of the room, with intentions unclear. It is quite possible that one may become easily frightened by the unwelcoming aurora given off by the man. 

As a known Rogue, his choice in leathers are very limited, coming in as either black or black, which can allow him to blend in with the shadows more easily. His eyes hidden behind Outlandish stubbed gems, or a thick purple haze at any and all times, leaving him to never blink.

Diving into the twisted and warped wardrobe of one of Azeroth's most infamous criminals...

 Deathmantle: A darkened leather set which has been worn since before the fall of Tandrious' reign, often referred to as his 'personal skin'. A metallic skull at the crown of the suit of leather, stubbed with a pair of purple Outlandish gems, allowing him to see out while preventing someone else to looking in. While wearing Deathmantle, his body is covered from head to toe in a toughened humanoid-like leather, offering greater protection at the cost of mobility. To compensate the lack of mobility, an array of mesh wiring was attached to the internal pieces of leather, to act like an exoskeleton and provide a natural human shape to the armor while helping to stop foreign threats from easily entering in his body. His shoulder-guards pierce the armor together, both in color and protection in two ways, one being the natural thickness, the other being stubbed with a horizontal line of Eternium forged daggers, dawning circular 'O' rings along the grips for an easier access to the additional weaponry. Unlike most helmets of the day, his consists of a two peace locking mechanism, making it impossible for someone whom doesn't know what they're doing to remove his mask. The first peace being the face-plate, locking around the entirety of his head and lower neck regions for additional protection, and being made of steel, while the second peace being a locking joint-piece adjoining the metallic cowl 'Crown' to the top of his head and neck.

Bonescythe: A multicolored leather set forged from the tarnished and reinforced skin of Nerubians and the fallen on Naxxramas' door, one used specifically to state Edgar's higher class than other Rogues, and to represent Steelmane Gang during official events. While dawning this leather set, it can be confirmed the one behind the mask is actually Edgar due to the House von Steelmane tabard adorned on his torso, secured under his shoulder-guards and belt. The armor coming in a green and blackish tint, made for camouflage over physical looks. Like with the Deathmantle, his shoulder-guards hold a series of sharpened metallic dirks and daggers, only a ceremonial black cloth and diamond replace the simple 'O' ring. The most unique thing about this specific set of armor is the mask. A skull forged from Titanium, a gift from one of the mines owned by Commander Mardirum, floats tauntingly behind a toxic purple haze, the eye sockets fading with the almost overwhelming purple. The metallic skull is housed under a green metallic coif for additional protection, peaked with a row of vertical, unorganized bone-spikes, coated with a light film of poison.


Though rarely seen, to a keen eye of a fine craftsman, the barrel and main firing mechanism of the pair of flintlocks are believed to be forged from purified silver, making the pistols more light as opposed to the more commonly used iron and steel pistols. The silver makes the antiqued firearms immune to rust and other natural effects from the harsh elements of Azeroth. For the most part, they are always seemingly polished, both the metal and wooden frame. The grip being crafted, by hand, from Alteraci Oak, a hardened type of wood used mostly for constructing wooden homes within the Kingdom of Alterac. The beauty is topped off with the initials,"T.v.S," at the base of the grip, stamped neatly on either side once the pair became ready for use.

Formation and RiseEdit

Lord Tandrious von Steelmane, a wealthy Alteracian Noble was betrayed by a rival Noble-House of Alterac, causing a string of events which led to the loss of his wife, Lady Sydney Whiteflower-Steelmane. Enraged, he sent Orcish Mercenaries to the betrayer's manor, while the family, servants and the Nobleman himself were fast asleep in the early hours of Winter Veil's Day. The Orcish Mercenaries blocked the doors and windows with heavy objects before tossing a lit torch into a second story window, the curtains quickly catching fire following the rest of the wooden home soon after. By morning, when the fire was quelled, it was already too late for the people of the rival Noble-House, for there were no survivors. Only piles of charred wood and bones left behind where the bedrooms would've been.

  Knowing of a potential death sentence for his crimes in Alterac, Tandrious gathered the things of his house and his children before sending off to the winding roads aboard his carriage, soon after he had paid off the Orcish Mercenaries, only stopping when he needed to get food and water for his children until reached Westfall to live a new life on land he had inherited. However, the Defias influence in Westfall drew his attention and peaked his interest, and soon after their resettlement in South-Western Westfall, House von Steelmane joined along in the ranks of the Defias Brotherhood under the Kingpin, Edwin VanCleef. Eventually, in return for years of loyalty and extensive service, Tandrious was given the opportunity to send his three sons to Dustwallow Marsh for private education in all weaponry and fighting styles alike, anything varying from swords, daggers, darts, firearms, and bows. They even spent an additional three years studying and practicing Gnomish engineering from stolen schematics before being returned to their father in Westfall to serve as Defias Lieutenants after graduation.

  After the trio returned back to the Eastern Kingdoms, they wasted no time in displaying what they were capable of by ways of organized mayhem and vicious attacks on public officials in Stormwind to furthermore prove their worth to the Brotherhood, and their father. Unfortunately for all within House von Steelmane, three weeks after the brothers returned back to the mainland, Edwin VanCleef was assassinated, and the Defias Brotherhood was disbanded. Distraught, they collected their belongings and returned back to the Alteraci Mountains, using fake papers and names to get through the heightened security in Westfall, Elwynn and Redridge. It is within the renovated walls of their old estate, with the support of those whom had followed Tandrious back to Alterac, and the gold he had from his career in the Brotherhood and left over from inheritance and Nobility, that "The Steelmane Gang" was formed, with an original roster holding thirty-eight signatures. The months following their conception, Steelmane had focused on obtaining territory vital to making the one thing they need to continue going as an organization wholly: Gold. They landed logging, mining and piracy establishments throughout the North, eventually capturing the interest of local criminal organizations down in more southern regions due to their success. After a few business trips, Tandrious agreed to move a third of his organization to Stormwind City, and gave control of this branch to Edgar. Edgar, however, had other plans for the Gang. He had focused on causing major legal trouble for the civilians and people who hold political power, going as far as nailing the competition to the floor in their own homes after eviscerating them. Eventually, the people of Stormwind knew it was right to fear this organization.

The Power GapEdit

Steelmane Gang had been blooming and defying all odds against opponents for years at around this time, going as far as to completely drive their competition out of Stormwind City. Lord Tandrious and his three children were living the high-life, enjoying being untouchable and the look of fear the average civilian gave them when they walked around the streets. Things couldn't have been better for the House von Steelmane members, and the followers of their organization. However, over a period of time, things began to change around Stormwind and the other sister capital cities. The skies grew grey, and eventually black, and the people went from having minor flu-like symptoms to completely dropping dead in the streets after a coughing fit. Blinded by their success, Tandrious believed the Gang to be untouchable, so he, despite his adviser's warning, continues to import various of items, from food to cloths, in from the plagued Westfall and Redridge regions. He had originally thought the outbreak to be nothing more than a more potent flu, and was quite grateful for it, as he saw it as a sort of," Cleansing," of Stormwind City. Things soon changed for Tandrious when the hundreds of people dropping dead in the streets at any given time began to get back up again, only, they weren't whom they were prior to dropping down a few hours ago. They held a void look in their eyes as they attacked any living being they could get their hands upon. 

Realizing his grave mistake, Tandrious, while leaving his (Now adult) children behind, had attempted to flee from the city in the midst of a riot, only to completely disappear off the face of Azeroth shortly after. It is rumored that he was infected and killed before he could leave the city, but no corpse or other evidence was ever found to prove otherwise. The issue with Kingpin Tandrious leaving is that he had no official will, thus, throwing Steelmane Gang into a civil-war, where everyone from the three brothers to the lowest of the Initiates fought brutal quarrels over who could be crowned the new Kingpin. The civil-war lasted well over six months, fracturing the very foundation Lord Tandrious had set for Steelmane. For many, it looked to be the end for Steelmane, and if it wasn't for a final attempt to salvage what the brothers could during a meeting involving everyone whom had their name on the roster, it probably would've. After several weeks of deliberating and enduring (physically) painful meetings, it was boiled down to two individuals fit to carry on their father's work: His eldest son, Edgar, or his middle son, Morvis. Unfortunately, this results with the two brothers engaging in a form of physical competition to decide who is fit enough to carry on the title... A competition that often only one would return from.

From the Shadows, a New Kingpin EmergesEdit

With a date set, the two waited and trained in anticipation over who would dawn the Kingpin title next, however, the two also wanted the other to walk away from the competition, as it is forbidden in House von Steelmane to have the blood of your own kin on your hands, and the only acceptation to this rule was that blood may only be spilled if the bloodline of House von Steelmane, or the safety of the surviving members were put at risk. However, just days prior to the officiated date of the competition, Morvis' mind had snapped completely, causing him to savagely attack Edgar when he had called for a organization-meeting.

The two fought fiercely, but only for a few short minutes. Morvis had grabbed Edgar by the shin, and had pulled his leg out from under him before stepping on his foot and knocking him backwards, flat on his back. Morvis placed a knee on his fallen brother's chest, and held his dagger to Edgar's stomach, going as far as to penetrate through his leathers.  He, before finishing the fight, decided to pause so that he could recite an ill-prepared victory speech. It is then where he made the mistake which cost him his life: He had took his eyes off of Edgar to look around the packed room and shout at people he thought he would be commanding in a few minutes. Knowing he hadn't much time, Edgar swiftly moved his hand out from behind his back, and in it was one of the flintlock pistols Tandrious had hand-crafted for Edgar as a gift months prior. Edgar pressed the barrel up against Morvis' chest and pulled the trigger, firing off a iron-ball deep into his chest cavity, ultimately piercing his heart. Lying on the stone cold floor, in a pool of his own blood, Morvis wept for himself and for Edgar, for his own greed had cost him his life. Morvis von Steelmane had died a broken man.

Despite having a brother whom tried to kill him, Edgar was humble in victory. He gathered the remains of Morvis and buried him with a House von Steelmane-funeral within the ancient vaults of the von Steelmane Mausoleum in the backyard of the von Steelmane estate in Northern Alterac. Having no time for mourning, Edgar quickly took on the title of Kingpin and began working feverishly to rebuild his family's legacy. It wasn't long before Steelmane had crept back into Stormwind City, in nearly the same fashion the plague had originally done, and it is to this day that Edgar continues with his father's legacy, spreading death and fear wherever the banner flies.


As the leader of House von Steelmane, and Steelmane Gang, he holds himself to a sociopath and sadistic behavior. He is highly educated, and enjoys rubbing that fact into people's faces by implementing his higher vocabulary while around people he doesn't particularly like. He prefers to be isolated, and is easily angered if bothered for not a legitimate reason.

Insanity has clearly gripped this man, having adopted his leather armor and metallic face-plates to be his own skin and face. He is never seen walking around without something covering every inch of skin on his body, and he is especially never seen not dawning his collection of unholy and horrific looking masks.


Edgar has been married a total of three times according to current knowledge.

Edgar's first marriage was with Lady Elza, a woman he had the pleasure of running into, by chance, while in a brief stay in the Stormwind Stockades. The two hit it off almost instantly, and spent nearly every day, all day together, as if they were inseparable. After a lengthy eight month period of time, Edgar took Elza's hand in matrimony, and he briefly retired from the world of crime to spend time with his wife, leaving command to his brother, Daladis von Steelmane.  However, Daladis sustained grave injuries while in combat against the Ishuran Legacy, and as result, was locked in a coma for several weeks, and was placed into Stormwind Guard custody as he lay in a Stormwind Hospital bed.  Due to the sudden loss of a Kingpin, Edgar had stepped back to reclaim the reins of his Guild, and organized a raid upon the hospital to break his slumbering brother out from custody. Though the raid was successful, Edgar and Elza were split in the midst of the scrap, and after several months of searching, it was assumed Elza had fallen during the raid.

A funeral service followed by a memorial burial was held for Lady Elza von Steelmane. One of Elza's leather sets was strapped to a mannequin carved from wood to act as a body for a casket-filler during the burial, where she was 'laid to rest', which is the North-Eastern corner of the Raven Hill Cemetery.

Following the funeral, Edgar threw himself into exile in his manor, which lasted more than a year's time. When he finally showed himself to Azeroth once again, he bared a different band of matrimony, and standing at his side was an average sized Kaldorei, whom was then known as Lady Nokami Darkwhisper. Not much is known of this relationship beyond the fact that Nokami had served under Steelmane Gang for decades, while under Daladis, Edgar and Tandrious's control. The marriage did not last, however. On a stormy, late October night, Lady Nokami locked herself in their bedroom aboard Edgar's Flagship, the Bloody Mary's Requiem, where she lived her last moments. She was discovered a day later when Edgar returned from an operation in Duskwood, having taken her own life by placing one of Edgar's flintlocks to her left temple, blowing her brains out with a single, iron ball.

Following the death of his second wife, Edgar was found dumbstruck when he returned back to his Flagship after the funeral service in his estate, only to discover his first wife, Lady Elza, sitting upon his bed. After several weeks of talking with one another, they remarried. Everything since then has been cloaked in the shadows.

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