The Militia was the go-to order for warriors, rogues, hunters, and mages within the Remnant of Lordaeron. I invite ANY who wish to defend Lordaeron and serve as the primary military force to defend Easthaven and other areas of Alliance-controlled Lordaeron from whatever enemies assault them. We are at the beck and call of the Cardinal, the Archivum, and anyone our conscious would demand our honor help.

While Militia, we are an organized collection of talents. Hired at some point or another, or coming from other factions or what not to Offend and Defend. Uniforms are not required. Us being rank and file. Not required. What I do require: If you give your word, KEEP IT. We have a reputation to uphold. While on task, attempt professionalism befitting those you are representing. Respect those senior to you. Unless we do something crazy. You don’t have to follow the orders if your leader’s acting like a daft idiot.

Training, Meetings, Joint Exercises and combinations therein will be held monthly. This will cover various topics that will better teach those in the militia on matters of combat. Allow us to competently perform in the field with a mixture of other teams and operatives. Finally, this will allow us to build teamwork and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. As the order grows, training will be held at a more frequent pace to accommodate for the numbers and make sure the might of the militia ever-present.

Violation of conduct and rules within the Militia will result in various punishments, the harshest being simple termination from the order and barred from attending any more training or events that are held by the Militia. Physical exertion, latrine duties, and other means will be used as IC punishments for infractions - there will be no beatings, executions, trials, or otherwise.

The order will grow and evolve as time goes on, and the leadership will do its utmost best to accommodate its members and ensure fairness and fun for everyone involved. Concerns will be heard and reacted to accordingly, and feedback is always appreciated.