The port colony of Dustshire

Dustshire was a port-colony established in Tanaris by the Kingdom of Stormwind following the events of the Cataclysm. Manned by several hundred soldiers of the Stormwind Army and Stormwind Navy, the colony became wealthy from its trade with the Wastewander Confederation, the goblins of Gadgetzan and sea trade with Theramore Isle.

Its prosperity was cut short soon after the Bombing of Theramore by the New Horde. By Garrosh Hellscream's command, a large force of orcs marched on the fort. Unable to send in reinforcements before the orcs arrived, the Stormwind Army ordered for the soldiers and colonists of Dustshire to evacuate. Believing that their defenses would hold, the men and women of Dustshire disobeyed the orders and held their ground. After a five day siege, the colony was completely destroyed by the Horde and its surviving inhabitants were taken as slaves. Abandoned by the Horde, the ruined structures were soon taken up by the Southsea Pirates.

In March of 623 K.C., the First Regiment of the Stormwind Army was tasked with recapturing the fort in the Conquest of Tanaris.

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