The Dusk Guard
Horde RP Guild


Korgano, Ruana, Lloraine, Daechir, Goredielia, Ginnami, Vaellion, Svelta, Leileni, or Sadie

Base of Operations

The Undercity

Guild Site

The Dusk Guard is an organization of Forsaken and Blood Elves that seek to preserve their grasp on the continent of Lordaeron.


The Dusk Guard is one of the older, and most versatile guilds on Moonguard. Originally formed of Sin’dorei, and Forsaken, The Dusk Guard has grown, and evolved into an all encompassing coalition of horde races.  The Dusk Guard is an active, and engaging all purpose guild that sets a friendly, and casual atmosphere behind two current content raid groups, weekly old world raids, multiple roleplays that vary greatly in purpose, light pvp including several member composed arena teams, as well as being a member of a multi guild coalition known as Chimera

The Dusk Guard is seeking active, and mature team players. If interested, please contact one of the following officers in game: Ainsophfall, Korgano, Ruana, Lloraine, Daechir, Goredielia, Ginnami, Sevrex or Sadie. Applications, rank info, and history is also available on our website:


  • Contact: Ainsophfall, Korgano, Ruana, Lloraine, Daechir, Goredielia, Ginnami, Sevrex or Sadie
  • Races: All Horde races are welcome.
  • Content: RP, PvE, and PvP.

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