The Dimbark Homestead of South-Central Duskwood
Dimbark Banner

Guild Type

Farming Community

Occupant Arch-Patriarch(s)

Lord Humphrey L. Dimbark (d.)
Lord Langston M. Dimbark (d.)
Lord Langston M. Dimbark, Jr. (d.)
Lord Falthrian L. Dimbark (Current)


Anarchy (Formerly)


Human (Majority)
Worgen (Majority)
Night Elf (Minority)
Dwarf (Minority)


Common (Gilnean-Tongue, Human-Tongue.)
Darnassian/Darnassae (Darnassian, Elven Scripture)

Religious-Beliefs & Faith

Holy Light (Majority)
Druidism (Minority)
Elune (Minority)


Large-Beast Pelts


Independent (Primarily Alliance Members)


The Dimbark Oathsworn Elders
Night Watch Militia
The Keepers of the Gnarled Woodland (Wood-Shepards)


South-Central Duskwood (Formerly)
Darkshire (Currently)

The Dimbark Homestead was formerly a tiny village in southern Duskwood compromised of only a handful of people that existed before the arrival of the Nightbane Worgen, which ultimately rampaged the village. This event forced the few remaining survivors to flee to Darkshire, where the group exists today.

The survivors, led by Lord Falthrian L. Dimbark, seek to push away the Nightbane Worgen that have terrorized Duskwood, and the Undead that have risen and now roam the dark cemeteries of Duskwood. Their secondary objective is to create a new "home" for survivors in Duskwood, since most people have been pushed to Western Duskwood, out of their farms and out of other small communities.

History and LoreEdit


Noblegarden used to be the time when they celebrated the first seeds of the Stead. They've taken a more negative look on it now due to the fact that most of the farming goes bad, the crops dying out more than often.

Songs and CultureEdit

The Ranger Hymn

"Yooo.. Hoho.. Hy-Hoho! Hy-Ho!
Hy-Ho, itsa' Ranga' life fer' me...
Hy-Ho, tha' deer ar' dead..
Ova' in Dimbark 'Stead..

Yo, Ho-ho.. Hy-ho-ho.. Hyy-hoo!
Hy-Ho, itsa' Ranga' life fer' me...
Hy-Ho, Skin the deer...
Drink tha' beer!

Yooo - Hy-ho! Hy-ho-ho! Hyyy-hoo!
Hy-Ho, itsa' Ranga' life fer' me...
Hy-Ho, Kill the Bear...
Wear tha' fur...

Yooho-ho-! Ranga' life fer' me.. Hy-hooo.. Yo-ho-ho.."

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