Diane Abrams-McTash
the Steadfast

Diane and Arlissa
Diane with her sister Arlissa Dawson-McTash. (Art done by IcedWingsArt)


IconSmall HalfElf Female Half-Elf


March 6th, 20 L.C. (19 Years)
Lordaeron - Emmadel Farmstead


Grand Alliance Army Icon Grand Alliance


Sh Alterac Silver Hand (Knight)
Alterac Icon Kingdom of Alterac
Alterac Icon The Citrine Eagle
Citrine Medical (Medic)


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Maggie Emmadel (Grandmother)Undead
Conor Emmadel (Father)†
Taliine Embersorrow (Mother)†


Valerie Abrams (Adopted Sister)


Jolaini Reneigh (Adoptive Mother)


Kavid "Slick" McTash (Adoptive Father)
Susan McTash (Adopted Sister)
June McTash (Adopted Sister)
Molly McTash (Adopted Sister)
Luca McTash (Adopted Brother)
Arlissa Dawson-McTash (Adopted Sister)


Zaria R. Blackmoore (Adopted Aunt)

Al Roe Wright (Cousin)


Holy Light - Church of the Holy Light


Lawful Good



"We are not defined by who our parents are solely, but by our own actions and virtues"
Diane E. Abrams-McTash (Born Diane Evangelina Emmadel) is currently a Knight within The Citrine Eagle in the Alterac Silver Hand. It is within the order that she has grown into a more capable wielder of the Light than she had been previously. She views the order to be more than a simple work place area and more as a family she feels a close bond to.

Having since completed her training as a Knight of the Silver Hand, she has fulfilled a longterm dream of hers and strives to do what she can to provide safety of those who dwell within the snow-capped mountains of Alterac.

Childhood Edit

In the beginning of her childhood, Diane's life hadn't been much different to anyone else. She had a mother and a father who loved her and everything was right in the world. Diane Emmadel was born within the farmstead owned by own grandmother Maggie Emmadel and was helped taken care of by her father, Conor Emmadel and his other siblings, while Taliine Embersorrow would care for their newly born daughter.

There Diane and her parents would remain at the farmstead for only three years of the young half-elf's life as they would be forced into a time of the Third War. It was in the defense of Lordaeron that Conor would be pulled away for the war initiated by the Cult of the Damned during the course of two years. Though he would not follow his prince into Northrend to be with his family after the horrors he had witnessed.

It was only in the return of prince Arthas Menethil that Conor would take his wife and child away from the lands of Lordaeron as the now traitor-prince began to slaughter his own people. It was a troubling time as they moved and hid from the roaming undead that began to take over their home. They'd find refuge only later when Jaina Proudmoore would gather her own people from the survivors and flee towards Kalimdor.

They would settle into Dustwallow Marsh and remain within the newly built city of Theramore. During this time Conor would find work again as a guardsman of the city, serving loyally to Jaina Proudmoore as their family began anew to start a life within the swamp. Even affording a side-business as an innkeeper after purchasing an inn off the hands of another after it had fallen into bankruptcy. During Diane's toddler years, Taliine would practice her skills in magic as Diane spent her time enjoying the simple things in life as any child would.

With her mother, Taliine, being a skilled mage, she'd entertain Diane by showing her the various magic she knew of. Arcane Magic had been a large portion of this, but as time drew on another magic would be shown to Diane during this time, Fel Magic, somewhere in the years Taliine discovered this magic. Of course, as Diane had been getting older, she'd find just a small ability with magic due inherited from her mother. Which almost led Diane down a path similar to her mother's.

Though she would find some luck and fortune that Conor would discover what had befallen his wife and mother of his child. He would isolate Diane away from Taliine when he could without alerting her to his intentions of leaving Dustwallow Marsh with Diane in hand to keep her safe from the acts of her mother. It had been his hope that they would both be safe - But it would never come to pass as of the night of their departure, Taliine had discovered Conor's plan. Subsequently murdering the only employee in the inn and Diane's father before their daughter's eyes. Though Taliine would try to pull Diane towards her side, she was met with denial and hatred from the child who was guided more by the beliefs of her father than her mother's. Bitter and angry, she cursed Diane with a draining curse that would one day kill her and removed all memories of what happened that night and her younger years.

Whether someone was tipped off or perhaps it was simply a good nature civilian someone found the unconscious half-elf and the scene within the inn. They would take Diane back to the city where she would be forwarded to the care of the Stormwind Orphanage.

"There are great powers all around us, my dear child, all one must learn to embrace it and bend it to your will. Then, and only then, will one ever fully understand the truth of things." - Taliine Embersorrow speaking to young Diane.

A New Beginning Edit

Lost, confused, and suffering from severe memory loss, Diane found herself within the Stormwind Orphanage unsure of how she got there. Left only remembering her name to be Diane and the knowledge that she was an orphan. She was often left in a daze throughout the day, wondering who exactly she was. Where did she come from? Who had been her family? Would she ever remember? Endless questions with no answers in sight plagued her mind. Though the matron's cared for her it was often in the other orphans that messed with her constantly.

This was mostly in part due to her half pointed ears, to be a half breed was treated as less and unworthy of any compassion or care. She was neither a full human to fall into the care of the other human parents, nor did she have enough elven blood in her for the prideful elves. Thoughts and feelings of worthlessness began to stir within her mind and heart, giving way to anger and hate against the other children in a hidden way. But this would not be allowed to grow as she would encounter a paladin who would guide her onto a better path.

Sir Adrian Hartford would be the paladin who would show kindness to her and take her under his wing. It was under his teachings she had learned of the Holy Light and the life of a Paladin as it slowly began to ebb away the anger and hatred she had begun to feel. She eagerly began to study what she was told to study as she learned the basic history of the order and its previous champions. It was under his guidance that she first used the Light and to form it within her hands and how to mold it for its different uses. From striking foes, to healing cuts. She fitted into light Squire clothing as she'd be taught how to use a basic two handed sword.

Everything seemed to go well for the half-elf in her training with Adrian Hartford but during the wars that went on during their training sessions that he would be called away. It was a call during the time of the Twilight Highlands. It would unfortunately be the result of a Horde attack when Adrian Hartford had been tending to an injured squad of Alliance soldiers that he'd be struck down. Word would return of his death as his sword he had wielded had been returned along with his body. Having no living relative for his belongings to be handed to, Diane was allowed his sword as an honor to him and his student.

Diane would keep the Paladin's sword wrapped up in a cloth of Alliance decorations as she'd care for the blade as best as she could. Though she would never wield it - She would allow it to serve as a reminder to uphold the values that he had held dear and had instilled instilled into her. As such, she would continue to practice her wielding of the Light and spend her time in the Cathedral learning everything she could. It was only a short period of time after this that Diane would meet someone of interest.

The barmaid had introduced herself as Valerie Abrams. A woman that normally kept to herself and moved from place to place often found herself opening up to the half-elf with more warmth than she normally had greeted others. It hadn't taken long for the two to bond as they both found themselves as orphans with a similar story. Diane and Valerie clicked quickly as close friends before one day Valerie adopted Diane from the orphanage as her little sister.

Life seemed to open up all sorts of possibilities with now as her wish had come true; she finally had someone she could consider to be family. The two grew closely to each other's side with a sense of security developing for them both. They would spend the course of the next several years as sisters and family to each other as Diane would spend her off-time studying and practicing the skills she had learned from her previous mentor.

"Til my last breath, I, Diane Abrams, swear on this day that no matter what hardship we may face together. You will never shed a tear of loss ever again" -Diane's oath to Valerie.

The Orange Chapter Edit

Eventually after a period of time of Diane's time within Stormwind that she would see a group decorated in orange. They stood out a bit in their colors and the kingdom they stood under to reclaim and rebuild, afterall she knew of the stories of Alterac and the traitorous king that had betrayed the Alliance once before. However, she'd interact with several of the members within the order and found herself intrigued. After all she had spotted a noteworthy amount of Paladins and she had been seeking to find an order that could progress her training. With the help of a friend she had made within the order, Kullen Lightwood, who had brought her along for the Order's Silver Hand meeting, otherwise known as the Alterac Silver Hand. It would be after the meeting that she would meet the then-chapter master Zaria R. Blackmoore and Matriarch of The Citrine Eagle.

It was over a period of months that she finally made her way to Talongrab and would make it her secondary home to be with the Eagle's. It hadn't taken long for her develop steadfast friendships and those close enough for her to consider family. She would stay at one of the rooms within the Inn and find a part-time job there as a chef and later on as a waitress.

However, in her youth and eagerness to prove herself, she'd attend missions without fully asking the Matriarch of the order which led to frustration and worry from not only the Matriarch but several of the other Eagle's. But it would be on a mission to the Broken Shore to rescue various prisoners from the Burning Legion that she'd receive a harsh reprimand from the Matriarch. Diane made no argument or defense against her foolish decision and for once realized how dangerous this life could be. From then on Diane was placed upon the back lines to work as a healer. Though this would appease the side of her that desired to be on the field of battle - The sight of seeing her friends and even family get hurt was almost unbearable. However, she clung to the Matriarch's words and continued her duty, it grew harder and fainter with each passing month. Whether it was pure stubbornness or who she was as a person few could say.

Though during this time she would find conflict in the matters of the heart, though one boy had for the first time flirted with her during a mission in the Jade Forest by the name of Daniel Morsin there would be another person who would come into her life that would charm her as well. Jack Oathbourne was young, charming, and sweet but yet there was also the case of the young mage who had also charmed her with his words. Such times were confusing for the half-elf as she felt her heart lead her to either of the two. But ultimately she'd find that any friendship with the Knight would disappear with time. At least to be less than what their friendship had been.

But Diane's training would be halted as Talongrab would fall under siege and for a period of time fall under the control of sky pirates. During these months, Diane stayed away from most of the action. Trapped and inexperienced she remained mostly within Talongrab Keep's infirmary. She would tend to the injured there and help Daniel Morsin through a hard time with his mother-figure Sereli Dawnheart at this moment in time. But after the Eagle's had managed to push back against the pirates that Diane would be paid an unexpected visit. It would be the mother of her father, Maggie Emmadel, who would find the half-elf traveling home. Though the former Scarlet Crusader was now a Death Knight it hadn't taken long for Diane to overlook this fact given her grandmother's perky and caring personality. Through delicious cookies and the immense similarity they shared it convinced Diane fully and she felt the waves of happiness and relief that she had a blood relation on her father's side of the family.

However, it wouldn't have taken much longer before Diane would finally progress further in her training under Kavid "Slick" McTash who headed training aspirants of the order. Eventually she graduated to becoming a Squire and being one step closer to Knighthood. But it was also during this time that Diane would have befriended Kavid "Slick" McTash's daughter, Arlissa Dawson who the two quickly became like sisters to each other and have been connected at the hip ever since. These two would aspire to become Knight's together someday and Diane hopes to make that day come true for the both of them.

"It shouldn't matter how many times we've fallen, what matters is when you get back up that you continue to fight for what you believe." -Sir Adrian Hartford

The Argus Campaign Edit

After having moved onto the path of Squire-hood she sought out Sir Shindo Malphur the Justicar of The Citrine Eagle. From then on her training would continue onward under his guidance and tutelage. Her training had been going well until Argus appeared in the sky after the Wonderlight Ball following the Tournament of Ages. There would be troubled times ahead for the young squire as it the deployment to Argus brought many questions to mind. Diane's determination to be with the Eagle's as they'd deploy to Argus caused much friction between her friends and peers alike.

Though she'd be granted permission by her knight to go to Argus she'd find herself torn and grieved when she would speak with her best friend and sister, Arlissa Dawson, who would be forced to stay behind. It bothered her to see the state of her friend and though she would still depart for Argus but not with an eased heart. She'd accompany the Eagle's during the first invasion across the surface of Argus within the crumbling region of Krokuun as they fought their way to the Xenadar to defend it from encroaching demons as the Prime Naaru Xe'ra could be extracted safely back to the Vindicaar. However despite the circumstance, she'd encounter a Gilnean Knight and former Paladin, Roslin Strickland. Though the woman was perhaps in several ways jaded, Diane would converse with her for many hours as she listened to her story as well as shared of her own life. Offering her own perspective and thoughts during their conversation that she shared with the older woman. Hoping that it would help the woman back onto a better outlook on life.

Diane would miss her family and friends and Daniel Morsin back home on Azeroth. It was in the small interactions with others and her friendship with Roslin Strickland that helped put her at some ease while on the demon homeworld. After the first assault across the surface of Argus the Eagle's would split off for their own ventures across Argus. But they would find themselves being able to return home as they discovered a way home in time for Brewfest.

An Unexpected Family Edit

In a campaign headed by the Light's Accord for the second campaign into Argus the forces of Azeroth would aid a garrison held by the Army of the Light. However, during the briefing of one particular mission that would nearly override everything in Diane's mind. Jolaini Reneigh would come to speak with Diane, despite their previous conversations, this proved to be the happiest discussions she's had with the woman. It was simple, it was an offer to join the family she had been living with for over a year and to be proper sisters with Arlissa Dawson. The answer of course had been easily predictable, despite their past interactions, Diane chose to be adopted into the family.

Everything during the campaign seemed to fade away, only a few faces seemed to poke through in the haziness over what had happened - Particularly, a Draenei Vindicator known as Xirru. Their meeting had been interesting to say the least and ever since they have been dear and close friends to one another. There would be others that would meet and enjoy their conversations as the campaign went on. However, the newfound relationship that now bonded her and Jolaini Reneigh as mother and daughter was awkward and unsure.

However, they wouldn't be granted much time to sort this out between them as in the final night of their campaign on Argus that Diane would suffer some grievous wounds that would cause her to fall down the stairs into the encampment unconscious. But it would be, surprisingly, Jolaini Reneigh would be the one to bring her back from the brink of death. Diane would be returned to her feet once more to fight against the onslaught of demons where they would find victory over the demons. The night would be ended with conversations between Diane's new mother and her now aunt Zaria R. Blackmoore. But finally they'd return home for Winterveil to celebrate with her family.

The Fall of the Legion Edit

The final push against the Burning Legion as the forces of Azeroth pushed against Antorus. Though they'd hit several snags as the majority of the Alliance forces would come against the Horde that were present within the area. Though the young squire would try her best to ease any tensions - Things did not come to play out as such and seeing the Legion as bigger threat withdrew shedding unnecessary blood. However as the campaign went on it would be in one night as Diane was spending time with Arlissa Dawson-McTash that they would encounter Diane's mother, Taliine Embersorrow, which would end in a near fatal conflict for Diane.

It had left her unable to participate for the rest of the campaign, but even as the Eagle's and herself had returned to Azeroth she would be reunited some time later with her other sister, Valerie Abrams. Who demanded that for her own safety would remain with her in their apartment in Stormwind City until her training as a Knight was finished.

Physical Appearance Edit

Diane would appear to be an average female height, though she leans towards the smaller end of the scale amongst her peers within the Eagle's. Looking to her features, Diane would have a soft look to them, perhaps even a bit of a child-like look to them despite how mature she can be this aspect of her features can often play against her. However, her face does bear two scars of one above her left eyebrow and one on her right cheek.

Her brunette hair could be noticed to have a slight tinge of copper highlights in it that can become more noticeable on a bright sunny day or a light source shines just right on it. But if anyone were to walk up to Diane, the first thing they could notice besides her height, were her bright innocent light blue eyes. Which held a compassionate warmth and youthful eagerness and naivety.

Diane's gear would generally consist of a light black chain-mail for the under armor with light plate armor dyed in a bright orange with a single pauldron on her left shoulder that would cover that side of her neck. The armor itself didn't seem to have much detailing but it is clear there are scraps and markings on it to indicate the battles she's been in. Always carried on her back or in hand would be a shield, made of Thorium and enchanted by an apprentice mage, the shield itself was smooth and rounded meant to deflect and glance blows away from herself and others.

Personality Edit

Diane is a young girl so she can be a bit naive in some aspects of life or find it hard to empathize entirely with someone with twice or more life experience and troubles than her. Though she takes great care to listen to others and does her best to offer what advice she can. One could notice when they spend time with her that she has a love for life and others around her, no matter their background. Though it would take someone truly vile and evil for Diane to bear ill-will towards them even to those who seem to have negative views against her.

Though despite all of this, this can lead Diane to be blindsided if played or led by these emotions and can be a bit of a downfall for the young girl because of her views due to her childlike behaviors at times.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Maggie Emmadel - A former Scarlet Crusader and now Death Knight, Maggie Emmadel had been searching for those of her own bloodline that had survived through the years. She would be successful in finding her granddaughter, Diane Abrams, the daughter of her one son Conor Emmadel and would have a reunion with her. Diane herself, despite her grandmother's undeath, cherishes the relationship that she has with her grandmother as she has few blood relatives that she cares for or knows of.

Conor Emmadel † - A former soldier of Lordaeron and believer in the Light, this was mostly all of what Diane can recall of her father; Conor Emmadel. Though she remembers very little of her father, she knows that it was him who had been the one to help her start on the path for a better life than her mother had started her out on. But he had lost his life by the hands of his own wife and mother of his child.

Taliine Embersorrow † - Formerly an insane cultist driven mad by a demon. She had been responsible for the death of her father Conor Emmadel and left Diane abandoned in an orphanage to suffer the scrutiny of the other children and parents. Though her birth-mother was slain recently, a mark was still left on the young Knight to recover from.

Kavid "Slick" McTash - The Knight who led Diane through her time as an Aspirant and her trials to become a Squire, he has recently become her adoptive father. What their relationship shall be like, is unknown for the most part due to it being a recent occurrence.

Jolaini Reneigh - This woman had been one that had caused a tinge of fear inside of the young half-elf, given their past interactions had left an impression of hatred on the young girl and self-doubt. Yet, it would be a rather surprising outcome for them both as Jolaini would offer Diane the chance of joining the family she lived with. However, despite their past interactions, Diane was not scared of the prospect that Jolaini would now be her mother and perhaps there was a part of her that was happy to finally have one at last.

Arlissa Dawson-McTash - These two had met inside of the Perch in Talongrab while they were both aspirants and had both clicked easily with each other. They became steadfast friends, even considering each other sisters, and are always connected at the hip. Some might say they are really just twins, but there were just a few distinguishing things about them to say that wasn't true. But with Diane's adoption into the McTash family, they have finally and officially become sisters.

Valerie Abrams - There is always a sense of awe that is spoken about Valerie from Diane, as a little sister speaking of a big sister that they looked up to. Valerie had been the one who adopted Diane out of the orphanage after their relationship grew and grew as sisters. Though Diane rarely sees Valerie in recent times, she still carried the same bright glint in her eyes at speaking of her.

Friends Edit

Daniel Morsin - The first boy to charm the heart of the young half-elf. But after recent events and consideration the two have since separated.

Danath Morsin - The father of Daniel Morsin, and a sort of father figure in her life, Danath is someone that Diane holds a deep respect for. Though at times they come into conflict over who should protect the other, which causes irritation in the half-elf, she would stubbornly stay strong in her duties as a shieldbearer.

Roslin Strickland - A woman and former paladin, now turned sellsword, hailing from Gilneas; Roslin is someone that Diane cares for as a friend. Despite the age difference between them, it was when they met upon Argus and seeing the lack of life that Diane took it upon herself to make sure Roslin had someone she knew that cared about her. Whether she lived or died.

Vindicator Xirru - A Vindicator that she recently met upon another campaign on Argus, they had become friends through an unlikely happening. She had hit him with an aggressively charged bolt of Light by accident and in her worry that she had truly hurt him, these two conversed and found a new budding friendship.

Isaac Whitehart - The stalwart paladin, Dame Isaac Whitehart had an aura of confidence that surrounded her that had always surprised Diane. Though these two would not converse until sometime following an incident that forced Isaac to punch Diane, Diane holds no ill will for the dame and rather enjoys the talks she has with her.

Shindo Malphur - Forgemaster, and Justicar of the Citrine Eagle, and the knight sponsoring Diane in her time as a Squire. There is a form of deep respect and admiration that she holds for him in their teachings she is quick to listen to any orders or lessons he has to give.

Companions Edit


Reference of Sable, found on Google.

Sable Edit

  • One of Diane's only companions besides her friends is a large black wolf who is still growing. Adopted from a remaining litter of two pups, a brother and sister. Diane adopted the curious but strong-minded sister from Lona Malphur whose companion was Sable's father, Chance. It hadn't taken long for Diane and Sable to form a good bond between each other (Of course, smoked meats were an easy ticket to that). Diane has the tendency to spoil Sable but overall when her training doesn't require her or there aren't any chores to do for the day and her friends and family are busy. Diane will spend her time outside with Sable. The wolf's fur is thick and fluffy, designed for cold weather, if one spent enough time with Sable, they might notice that she has a slight limp in her back legs from an old injury. She has a black snout with a black nose and amber eyes. Her ears are always perked up, listening to the various sounds. However, if Sable likes someone enough and they don't stray too far from the area Diane is in, she will follow them around to make sure they are safe.

Occupations Edit

The Perch (Chef/Waitress) Edit

During her time as an Aspirant within the Alterac Silver Hand and having gotten caught cooking without being employed within the original Inn within Talongrab (The Perch - Formerly known as the Lone Wolf Inn). She was employed by Athelis Ryder a Knight within the Silver Hand Chapter in Alterac. Though she was scolded, Diane was indeed hired and has worked within both the old and new Inn, in honor of the now deceased paladin.

The Citrine Medical (Nurse) Edit

Once more during Diane's time as an Aspirant, Diane would be transferred over to the medical ward to work there as a healer and medic after a reckless action on her own part that led her to a mission on the Broken Shore. Diane at first during this time would be an Intern as designated by Horacea Agnelli. This would last until Diane's squireship where she would withdraw from the Citrine Medical as a healer on the battlefield to pursue her desire and longing to be a protector on the battlefield.

It would not be until a few months later that Diane would rejoin the Citrine Medical as a medic to work in the infirmary as a nurse. To help Lona Malphur in her efforts there to help tend to any injured Eagle's that may come into the infirmary.

Stormwind Orphanage (Volunteer) Edit

Recently in Diane's time away from Argus that Diane would finally gain the courage to go into Stormwind City to apply a volunteer application and begin working with the orphans in the building. Keeping the young one's occupied, tending to the babies that were crying or helping with the never ending load of laundry and preparing the suppers for the orphans. Currently if not found anywhere else, she is often here.

IC Trivia Edit

  • Diane has an extreme dislike of Dark Magic and demons. Due to the knowledge of what her mother deals in.
  • On the back of her neck, if anyone were to look, would be a scar/brand. It was a snake weaved through an arcane rune with fangs barred and dripping venom. This mark is also associated with a small coven led by her mother, whether this is a mark for death or something else is unknown.
  • Diane, while off-duty, is often a shy young girl. But on the battlefield this changes to being focused and unafraid no matter the foe for the sake of those she fights alongside.
  • In certain lights, Diane's brunette hair can actually be seen to have copper highlights in it. But it is at time too hard to really notice it.
  • Diane will often have her hair down in recent times to hide her ears. Once something she didn't mind she seems to be disgusted by it now.

OOC Trivia Edit

  • Diane is actually a lot like her player's personality.
  • Her story and this wikia page sometimes goes through adjustments - though there are parts that are kept vague to keep in line with what the character remembers!