Lord Daval Prestor
Jaszczurka's Lord Prestor
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Human (Dragon)




King of Alterac (Claimant)


Kingdom of Lordaeron
Lordaeron Peerage
Black Dragonflight (Secretly)


Missing (Deceased)


Katrana Prestor (Daughter, deceased)
Aiden Perenolde ("Distant cousin", deceased
Calia Menethil (Former Fiance)

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Lord Daval Prestor was a human noble hailing from a mountainous and obscure region of the Kingdom of Lordaeron who fled after his domain had been ravaged by dragons. He traveled to Capital City on foot, where he presented himself to King Terenas Menethil, and soon entered his inner circle.

In truth, Prestor was an alter ego of Deathwing, the maddened and tortured Earth Warden Neltharion. Much like his daughter Onyxia, under name of Lady Katrana Prestor, he had attempted to infiltrate and guide Humankind's political and military systems.

Second WarEdit

After the betrayal of King Aiden Perenolde and the subsequent occupation of the Kingdom of Alterac, King Terenas Menethil II and King Thoras Trollbane were met with the crowning of a successor. Among such candidates were Prince Aliden Perenolde, Isiden Perenolde and a Lord Prestor---a supposed "distant cousin" of the family. Given the situation, Lord Prestor seemed to have the advantage.

Isiden had fled to the Kingdom of Gilneas, taking shelter under King Genn Greymane's protection and far behind the massive wall; meanwhile, it was unknown whether Prince Aliden would fall to the same sins of his father (despite the rightful succession to the throne) and would later become involved with the Alterac Syndicate. Being the best of the situation, Lord Prestor managed to convince King Terenas enough to even arrange a possible marriage with Calia Menethil.

But shortly after the appearance and seemingly-inevitable succession of Lord Prestor, he had vanished; it is unknown if Lord Prestor was in any way related to the later-appearing Lady Prestor, save for the two Nobles' true forms.