Dagrin Isenhammer I
Even from ashes, the greatest Kingdoms can rise. From Poverty, the greatest Lord can rise.


Arathorian Empire


Champion of Arathor

Lord of Ard'val

Founder of House of Isenhammer

Dagrin Isenhammer, First of his name, Champion of Arathor, Lord of Ard'val (Kingdom of Arathor), Founder of House Isenhammer. "The Relentless"


The records behind this man have either been lost, destroyed or uncertified. A lot of details are uncertain of his past in the Arathorian Empire.

Dagrin fought in the Arathorian Legion, for the Arathorian Empire. He proved himself countless times with his weapons Dagrin's Fist and Dagrin's Bite in combat and was made Lord of a small derelict village, Ard'val that he soon transformed into a mssive stronghold and bustling economy, proving his worth. His common words used were, Even from the ashes, the greatest Kingdoms can rise. From Poverty, the greatest Lord can rise.

Some say he was a simple boy that roamed the streets. Poor and homeless. Although his size and strength eventually made him stand out, he was put to work as a Soldier and rose from there.

He followed one of the Arathorian splinters to the South, and aided in the Founding of the Kingdom of Stormwind, founding his own Lands and House, House Isenhammer, and was granted the Duchy of Stonewatch, and several other minor lands for his sons and daughters to hold. Unfortunately he died of age before he could see his Lands be built.

Though his past was cloudy and uncertain, his present actions has left a legacy behind. His legacy that his children after him would inherit and carry on. We may die, but our Legacies live on

Dagrin Isenhammer I is laid to rest within the crypts of Stonewatch, along with his sons, daughters, and the rest of is family.