Dagrin's Fist

Dagrin's Fist

Dagrin's fist is a massive, heavy one handed mace, almost considered an Artifact from the days of the Arathorian Empire. It was wielded by Dagrin Isenhammer I, the first of the Isenhammers and the founder of House Isenhammer. It's seen it's share of battle, and had a brother called Dagrin's Bite. It was willed down, and is currently in the positino of Lord-Protector Darith Isenhammer.


Forged with the help of Elven magic and forges, it was made of the hardest, silvered elementium. It was wielded by the great warrior Dagrin Isenhammer I in his days in Arathor, and even used when he made his way with the splinter of Arathorians to found Stormwind.

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