Cryalla Mist

General Cryalla Mist shortly before her death.

Cryalla Mist was the General of the 9th Infantry Division of the Stormwind Army. She met her end during the War against the Lich King at the hands of the New Horde.


Cryalla Mist was transferred into the 9th Infantry Division of the Stormwind Army under General Obriesky in August of 619 K.C.. Through her hard work and dedication to the service, she was granted the rank of General when Obriesky stepped down from service. During her service as General, she built up relations between the Stormwind Army and the Stormwind Guard and recruited heavily throughout the realm.


General Mist alongside the Fifth Fleet Marines in Kalimdor.

Her first assignment in Icecrown was to lead a raid on a Horde airship. After an intense battle, the majority of her forces were slain and she and another soldier, Balack, were captured alive. The Horde Sky Captain, upon meeting them as his prisoners, claimed that Cryalla killed his brother five years ago and that he would take his revenge. The Sky Captain executed her and dumped the body in the Great Sea. Her body was never recovered, though it is rumored Eldanesh Kurnous later came into the possession of her severed head, utilizing it as a macabre conversation partner.

General Maggey Foster succeeded her as General of the 9th Infantry Division.  

Some time later, the dwarf Death Knight Silverarm gained control of the 9th Infantry Division, which he now leads as one of the premier units in defense of Stormwind against the Horde. 


Near the end of her tenure as General, Cryalla was known to be mentally unstable and displayed suicidal urges - believing that her soldiers did not trust her.


Information taken from The Stormwind Guard Forums.